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Tips, Builds and Guides to Play Helcurt Mobile Legends

Background Story Helcurt
In the records of the Lord of Dawn museum, there is said to be a mysterious race that once forged a great empire. This race is blessed with the power to swallow light, as they are able to temporarily shut down space. This isn’t the only talent they possess, as they also have the ability to flash through physical space, being able to stun enemies for sneak attacks. What was scariest about them, however, was what lay in their tails, a naturally sourced poison concoction, for those unfortunate enough to come into contact with poison would say their last words, but in the end this was also what led to the death of the race. themselves. In the annals, it doesn’t give any specifics about how this race went extinct, but it is certain that this monstrous race actually walked upon the Land of Dawn. Since their extinction, humanity has developed successfully, however, the history books cannot predict that one day these creatures will slowly creep out of the shadows again…

• High burst damage
• Hero Counter for Assassins
• Silence
• His ultimate can hit all his opponents

• Very easy to kill early in the game
• Weak against Crowd Control
• Ultimate cooldown is quite long

Quotes Helcurt

– “Night has fallen… let the killing… BEGIN!”
“I’ll be the LAST thing you’ll ever see”
“What does my poison TASTE like?”
“I am death INCARNATE!”
“(Evil laugh)… Your DEATH… doesn’t concern me”
“Kill… KILL!”
“Scream, my PREY…(evil laugh)”
“I’ll.. devour… THE LIGHT!”

Skills Helcurt

Race Advantage – Passive
Targets that use skills near Helcurt will be silenced for 1 second. This effect has a cooldown of 3 seconds for the same target.

Shadow Raid – 1st Skill
Disappears instantly and reappears at the specified location, dealing 150(+70% Physical Attack) physical damage to nearby enemies and silencing them for 1.5 seconds. Using this skill after Dark Night Falls will give an additional slow effect to the enemy for 1.5 seconds.

Deadly Poisoned Stinger – 2nd Skill
Active: Shoots all Deadly Poisoned Stingers forward, each stinger causes 200(+100% Physical Attack) physical damage (minions and jungle monsters only receive 70% of this damage), slows enemies by 12% (effect can stack) for 3 seconds .
Passive: Each normal attack adds 1 amount of Deadly Poisoned Stinger, can store up to 5 stingers. Every 8 seconds this number will decrease by 1.

Dark Night Falls – Ultimate
Passive: Increases attack speed by 10%.
Active: Helcurt summons darkness, making all enemy heroes lose vision around them and their friends for 3.5 seconds, while increasing Helcurt’s attack speed by 10% and movement speed by 65% ​​for 8 seconds. (The enemy’s Dark Night Falls have no effect on Helcurt).

Build Sets

Battle Spell

Recommendation Build

Tips Play Helcurt
1. Helcrut is weak in the Early Game, because it focuses on Farming early in the game.

2. 1st Skill can function to attack the opponent or escape from the opponent. Use these skills according to conditions.

3. Keep in mind, 2nd Skill will be more painful if the mark above your nickname is full. So that it can launch 5 attacks in this skill. Adjust the distance and attack pattern of the attack, because 2nd Skill is also difficult to hit moving opponents.

4. Ultimate can be used to help your team in war even at the end of the map. Use Ultimate to help your team so you also get Assists. Ultimate Helcurt can also be used to escape.

5. At the start of the match focus on Clear Lane and stealing Turrents. No need to work hard to help the war team. Because Ultimate Helcurt alone is enough to help the team.

6. After almost all of the Builds have been completed, focus on helping the War by killing the opposing Hero Cary. Use Ultimate first, then use 1st Skill, attack the target with 2nd Skill. Keep in mind that before capturing your opponent the number of Deadly must reach the maximum number.