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Tips, Builds, and Guides to Play Chang'e Mobile Legends

background story

Chang’e came from a mysterious land in the east and was the youngest disciple of the Great Dragon. From an early age, he displayed tremendous magical potential, quickly mastering many of the spells the Great Dragon introduced to him. At a young age, he even managed to learn the Great Dragon’s secret technique – the Sacred Satellite, winning his eternal support. However, his playful-loving nature often caused him a lot of headaches.

In the end, he decided that he didn’t have time to teach and take care of this smart and cute little student, so he left it to his adopted son Zilong to watch over him, hoping that Zilong’s determined and determined nature would have some sort of impact on Chang’e. Zilong was very fond of his new brother, not only accompanying him in magic lessons, but also finding divine animal friends to play with. Chang’e was like being with her older brother Zilong, and the happiest part of her day was when, at the end of the training, would carry her house on her back.

After the Second War of the Planes broke out, Zilong was ordered by his master to help the wise rulers of the land. He traveled to many faraway places and accomplished many great things, but deep in his heart, he missed his brother very much. After Zilong left, Chang’e felt that something was missing in her life, and she couldn’t help but temporarily dream of those happy times. When he learned that his brother was in the Land of Dawn, Chang’e took the holy weapon given to him by the Great Dragon and secretly, went to track down his brother Zilong.

Quotes Chang’e
“Let’s play together”

“One, two, three, four, five. Wow, look at all these carrots!”

“Isn’t my master just the greatest!?”

“Huh? Which way is home?”

“Hey! N-Not so high! Don’t you know I’m afraid of heights?”

“Huh?, w-where’s my little bunny gone?”

wha-what is this place? Hmm, i-it looks like we may be lost.”

“Quick! Run! Roger’s coming!”

“Where is.. my master..”

– Bust Damage
– Crowd Control
– Active Skill

– Weak Defense
– Easy to gank
– Wasteful Where

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Lucky Bunny – Passive
Chang’e deals damage to the enemy’s target hero, he will get 1 stack of Moon Rabbit’s Blessing, for every 50 stacks of Blessing Chang’e can increase his Magical Attack by 50 points. if chang’e dies he will lose 25 stacks of accumulated blessings (Stacks that have been used to increase his Magical Attack will have no effect).

Run Bunny Run – 1st Skill
Chang’e summoned a flock of rabbits in a designated direction. Each rabbit deals Magic Damage and reduces the opponent’s Movement Speed ​​by 25% for 1.5 seconds. (The damage will decrease when the rabbit hits the same target, but the Stack Slow effect can be increased).

Biu!Biu!Biu – 2nd Skill
Chang’e shoots 5 energy balls forward continuously, dealing Magic Damage to the first enemy hit (targets in the vicinity will receive 60% Damage as Magic Damage). If all three energy balls hit the same target, the target will be stunned for 1 second. Targets that will only receive Stun once every 6 seconds. Moments after using this skill, Chang’e increases his movement speed by 15%.

Bunny Bomb – Ultimate
Launches a rabbit missile forward, which deals Magic Damage on the first enemy attack and then immediately splits into six smaller missiles that continue to pursue the target. Each missile deals Magic Damage. If the rabbit missile is already launched at full range without hitting the target, it will split into 6 smaller missiles and randomly chase the nearest enemy unit. Missiles hitting the same target will deal less damage.

Emblem Set

Battle Spell

Recommendation Build

Tips Play

1. Often – often gives damage to the opponent, this is done to take advantage of the Passive Skill.

2. Always keep your distance from enemies, especially Assassins. Because Chang’e doesn’t have a Blink Skill, this hero is quite easy to gank.

3. Take advantage of 2nd Skill against an opponent to stun him.

4. Use the 2-1-3-2 Combo.

5. Don’t often play alone, always try to be with a Tank or Fighter to support the team.