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Tips, Builds and Guides to Play Belerick Mobile Legends

Belerick is a Mobile Legends Hero of the Tank type. This hero can be obtained for free if you complete the mission within a certain time limit. Belerick is a hero with a type like a plant that can walk. With some of his skills, Belerick is able to make opponents difficult and with his ultimate he is able to help teammates during war.

Advantages and Deficiency Belerick


• The more you attack, the more damage your opponent will take
• Can chase and catch his opponent with Skill 2
• Ultimate which is useful during War
• The Passive Skill only activates if the opponent is Marked
• Waste of Mana

Quotes Belerick
“My name is Belerick
“Don’t touch me, I don’t want to hurt you”
Belerick is not afraid of fire”
“Pointless conflict lead to pointless destruction”
“Hahaha… I love this land”
“I hate conflict”
“Darn human… leave this place!”
“Save every living thing, save every life”

Skills Belerick

Flower Life – Passive Skill
Belerick gets an additional 20% HP from his HP enhancement items. Flower of Life will deal 25(+2% Max HP Belerick) Magic Damage to the nearest target every time Belerick takes 200 damage. Flower of Life will prioritize targets marked by Nature’s Seed.

Nature’s Seed – 1st Skill
Belerick releases roots that propagate to a specified location to deal 250(+60% Magic Power) magic damage to all targets it hits along the way and at that location, then slows them down by 40%. This root will give a Mark from Nature’s Seed to one of the enemy heroes it hits, and temporarily spawns it.

Power of Nature – 2nd Skill
Belerick sacrifices some of his HP to increase his Movement Speed ​​by 40% and amplifies his next normal attack with an additional 250(+6% HP lost target) physical damage and immobilizing them for 1.2 seconds. After that, Belerick recovered his HP back according to the amount he lost.

Nature’s Shield – Ultimate
Belerick recovers 10% of his HP and creates a Guardian Area around him for 5 seconds. 40% of the damage received by Belerick’s team heroes who are in the area will be absorbed by Belerick, while Belerick himself will reduce 30% of all damage he receives during this skill.

Emblem Set

Battle Spell

Recommendation Build

Tips Play Belerick

1. Judging from all the types of skills, Belerick is recommended to use HP priority builds. Because the more HP Belerick has, the more effective the Belerick Skill will be.

2. Use Skill 1 to deal Damage and Mark, so Belerick’s Passive Skill will activate itself. Try to hit the opponent’s Hero Cary.

3. After the target is hit by Mark, try to approach the opponent so that he is exposed to the Passive Skill. So that when Belerick is hit, the opponent will be hit by Belerick’s Passive Skill.

4. Skill 2 has a quite significant function, which is to be able to chase the opponent while stopping him. To maximize this skill, use Skill 1 first, then use Skill 2 to chase and catch your opponent.

5. Ultimate Belerick is very useful during War, especially for his own team. Use Ultimate around your own team to be exposed to the radius of this Skill effect.