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Tips, Builds and Guides to Play Balmond Mobile Legends

Background Story
The infamous Bloodaxe Orcs were the result of interbreeding between blood demons and other demons, and their habit of using mysterious magic to infect their enemies’ bodies with tainted blood was a testament to this fact. They were bloodthirsty and loved war, and the strongest of them was named Balmond.

• Regen HP when killing an opponent or minion
• Suitable as a Tank or Semi Tank
• Tough in Early and Late Game

• Weak against crowd control
• Very dependent on the Skill

Quotes Balmond

“What’s your name, boy?”
“Another reckless fool!”
– “Stop making those foolish requests!”
“Taste my axe!”
“Ignorant humans!”
“The hellfire will burn you into ashes!”
“Ha ha ha!”


Bloodthrist – Passive

Charges 4% max HP every time you kill a minion. Charges 10% max HP every time you kill a hero.

Soul Lock – 1st Skill
Butts the enemy and deals 150(+60% Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies along the way. after hitting the target, will stop and reduce enemy movement speed by 60%, for 2.5s.

Cyclone Sweep – 2nd Skill
Attacks enemies in the surrounding area, dealing 230(+140% Physical Attack) physical damage.

Lethal Counter – Ultimate
Lifts a large axe, dealing 350(+50% Physical Attack) physical damage plus 20% of the enemy’s lost HP as true damage to enemies in a cone-shaped area in front of the hero and reducing enemy movement speed by 60% for 2 seconds.

Emblem Set

Battle Spell

Recommendation Build

Tips Play Balmond

1. Balmond will be suitable if it becomes a Tank or Semi Tank. Suggestion, if the team has 1 tank then it is better for Balmond to be made Semi, whereas if the team does not have any Tanks then Balmond must be a Tank.

2. Keep in mind, Balmond will get HP regen if he manages to kill an opponent or minion. Take advantage of this Passive Skill in team battles though.

3. 1st Skill serves to make the opponent stop for a moment if hit by a collision. But 1st can also function to escape from the enemy, try not to be hit by the opponent’s hero unit in this escape.

4. Use 2nd Skill to damage the surrounding area, use this Skill to spam the surrounding area.

5. If there is an opponent with HP less than 40%, Use Ultimate to kill the opponent.