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Tips, Builds and Guides for Playing Gatotkaca Mobile Legends

Gatotkaca is a Hero Tank in Mobile Legends which is inspired by the Indonesian puppet character Gatotkaca the muscle of iron bone wire. This hero has skills like Tanks in the RPG genre game which is usually called Provoke. This skill makes the target it hits will immediately focus its attacks on the user. This skill seems to be owned by Gatotkaca, precisely in Skill 2, and not only that, there are many other skills that Gatotkaca has in Mobile Legends.

Advantages And Deficiency Gatotkaca

• Has a skill that can make the target focus on attacking Ghatotkacha
• Ultimate range is very wide
• His passive skill makes Gatotkaca stronger when he’s dying
• Which usage is quite wasteful
• Has a fairly high level of difficulty

Quotes Gatotkaca
– “Muscle of Iron, Bone of Steel.”
– “We are unity in diversity.”
– “No pain. No gain.”
– “Legends never surrender.”
– “I am Legend!”
– “Om Telolet Om!”
– “Muscle of Iron, Bones of Steel.”

Skills Gatotkaca Mobile Legends

Passive – Steel Bones

Converts 4% of reduced HP to additional Armor up to 250 points. Dealing damage to an enemy who has a larger HP will restore Ghatotkacha’s HP by 110-250 (increases with level) plus 0.5x of Physical Defense. This effect can occur once every 6 seconds.

Skill 1 – Blast Iron Fist

Cracks the ground in front, dealing Magic Damage and slowing down enemies. Deals additional magic damage to enemies caught in ground cracks and slows them down by 50%.

Skill 2 – Unbreakable
Ghatotkacha shouts loudly, removes all slow effects and darts forward with a distance that is determined from how long Ghatotkacha holds this skill (if you hold on too long, the distance will decrease again). Enemies it hits will be forced to attack it for 0.9-1.3 seconds, depending on how long the skill is held. For the next 2.5 seconds, he will retaliate by dealing 100(+1.5% Maximum HP) magic damage to nearby enemies.

Skill 3 – Avatar of Guardian
Gathers power for a moment and jumps to the target area, throwing nearby enemies into the air for 1 second and dealing magic damage. Enemies in the middle of the area will be knocked out longer.

Emblem Set

Battle Spell

Recommendation Build

Tips Play Gatotkaca Mobile Legends
1. Gatotkaca is a Hero Tank that has Crowd Control which is quite troublesome for his opponent. Understand in advance about the use of Skill? Gatotkaca skills and their advantages and disadvantages.

2. The use of Passive Skills will be active if Gatotkaca’s HP Bar is low and can only be triggered if Gatotkaca performs Basic Attacks. If the Passive Skill is active, Gatotkaca will get HP Regen and additional Armor points.

3. Skill 2 Gatotkaca is an important asset of this Hero, the target will be affected by this Skill if exposed to the path of using this Skill. If the target is hit by this skill, the target is forced to attack Gatotkaca, and during that time the target will be hit by reflected damage. This skill will be good when combined with the Revenge Spell.

4. Ultimate Gatotkaca is a multifunctional skill, it can be used for Open War or escaping. Use Ultimate on opponents who are gathered or use it in the back row of opponents.

5. In the battle, Gatotkaca becomes a reliable War Opener. Use Ultimate first towards the opponent, try to hit more than 1 target. If it has been hit directly use Skill 2 to make the opponent unable to escape. Finally, use Skill 1 to slow down your opponent, after that just depend on your own team.