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Tips, Builds and Guides for Playing Leomord Mobile Legends

Leomord is a Hero role Fighter with the type of Specialty Burst Damage/Push. Leomord has 2 modes, namely Human Mode and Mounted Mode. In Human Leomord mode it is quite weak in war even though this Hero is a Fighter type. But in Mounted Mode Leomord is able to become a frightening specter for his opponent, even in this mode Leomord can easily get Savage.

Advantages and Deficiency Leomord

• Hero with Burst Damage/Push type
• The passive is very useful if Leomord’s HP is dying
• Leomord will be very strong if you use Ultimate
• Able to attack up to 360° while walking when using Ultimate

• Weak in Human Mode
• Weak when affected by Crowd Control

Quotes Leomord
“Despair is punishment for the undead.”
“This sword is called the Oathkeeper.”
“I’ve come to save you from the nightmare called ‘Life’.”
“Fidelity, Humility, Heroic Sacrifice.”
“I should be forced.”
“Despair is darker than death.”
“My Oath means everything to me.”
“Kill me!”

Skills Leomord
The Oath Keeper – Passive

Leomord’s Basic Attack will deal massive Burst Damage if there is an enemy hero in the vicinity whose HP is below 40%.

Momentum/Phantom Stomp – 1st Skill

Momentum (Human)
Leomord gains a shield capable of absorbing damage while preparing to attack. After that, he will produce physical damage to all enemies in the area in front of him and give a slow effect of 60%. The longer Leomord collects the attack power, the greater the damage. If the enemy stops the power gathering by force with the crowd control effect, Leomord will immediately issue an attack.

Phantom Stomp (mounted mode)
Barbiel jumps forward, dealing physical damage to all enemies in the area in front of him upon landing, and giving a slow effect of 60%.

Decimation Assault /Phantom Charge – 2nd Skill

Decimation Assault (Human)
Leomord lunges in the specified direction, dealing physical damage to all enemies it hits, and giving a slow effect of 50%.
Phantom Charge (Mounted Mode)
Barbiel lunges in the specified direction, physical damage to all enemies it hits, and repelling them.

Barbiel – Ultimate
Leomord summoned Barbiel, his flagship, to charge into the fight. Barbiel will deal physical damage to all enemies it hits along the way and slow them down by 50%. If Barbiel hits Leomord, he will ride it for 15 seconds and get 2 new replacement skills. In addition, Leomord’s normal attacks will hit all surrounding enemies and can be done while moving. He also gets additional movement speed and physical/magic defense of 40 points.

Emblem Set

Battle Spell

Recommendation Build Leomord

Tips Play Leomord
1. Leomord is a Hero with skills in Basic Attack and Ultimate. So Leomord would be better off using Build Cary.

2. Use Critical Build to maximize the passive skill function.

3. Leomord is quite weak in Human mode but will be very strong in Mounted Mode (Ultimate). Always rely on Ultimate Leomord during War.

4. When in Mounted Mode Leomord will get Movement Speed, attack while walking like Irithel, a new skill (Mounted Mode), and the most unique thing is that it can attack all 360° enemies with its basic attack.

5. His passive skill can deal more damage to enemies whose HP is below 40%. Even better, additional damage will also be impacted on opponents who are above 40%, so it will be very good in war if there is one opponent whose HP is below 40%.