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Tips and Tricks Using Ghillie Bush FF! Fix Get Booyah!

Want to know tips and tricks for using Ghillie bush FF?

Are you a fan of the famous battle royale game lately?

One of the most popular battle royale games is Free Fire (FF), which is already worldwide.

When playing battle royale games, we must pay attention to strategy, cooperation, and position.

How can you hide in an invisible position, then attack the enemy suddenly.

In Free Fire, there is a tool that can help you hide in war.

One of which is Ghillie Bushwhich is the best hiding item in this FF Game.

Tips for Using Ghillie Bush FF

This item is one item that is highly sought after by many people because it keeps our character hidden.

We will turn like a bush, which certainly will not be seen by the enemy, if we do not move.

Items Ghillie Bush This is different from ghillie in other battle royale games, because it really blends with nature.

Keep in mind, because this item is very good and helpful, you can only get it inside Airdrop.

Don’t move a lot

For those of you who have used this item, keep in mind because this item has Separate HP which can be destroyed if given damage.

So to reduce that, you have to actually pretend to be a bush, by not moving.

Move only when necessary, and do not get too much attention.

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Avoid Hiding Inside the House

The usefulness of this item actually allows you to hide in open areas.

Because it will be a bit strange if the enemy sees there are bushes in the house, for sure you will automatically lose, guys!

Don’t let go of the Ghillie Bush arbitrarily

If you remove this item, and drop it on the floor, it could be that the enemy knows your position.

This is because, Ghillie Bush will shine brightly if you take it off, and can be seen by anyone from a distance.

So to reduce that, it’s a good idea to take it off in a closed area, or continue to wear it.

Well, that’s more or less tips from us guys, hopefully it’s useful!

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