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Tier List Latest MLBB Patch 1.6.84 EVOS Zeys Version, Lots of Changes!

Tier List Latest MLBB Patch 1.6.84 EVOS Zeys Version, Lots of Changes!

Update patch has occurred for version 1.6.84. Of course, the new patch changes will bring a difference to the tier list of strengths of each hero.

Instead of missing the latest meta, let’s take a look at the latest tier from the EVOS Legends Zeys trainer. He again made a tier list that you should pay attention to.

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There are many changes to the previous tier list and you must know.

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Update Tier List MLBB Trainer Version EVOS Zeys

Well, no need to linger, here’s the latest Mobile Legends tier list for the EVOS Zeys version.

EXP Lane

Masha mobile legends
Photo via Pinterest

According to EVOS Zeys, the top pick in the latest Exp lane is now only 8 heroes, namely Paquito, Dyrroth, Masha, Thamuz, Phoveus, Valentina, Esmeralda, and Uranus.

There are two heroes who are in tier SS currently namely Masha and Esmeralda. Both have proven to be strong and very reliable as explaners in the current meta.

Gold Lane

Attack assist mobile legends
Photo via WallpaperAccess

Top Pick in this position now has 7 heroes, namely Clint, Wanwan, Brody, Karrie, Kimmy, Popol & Kupa and Beatrix. Only minus Lunox is back down to tier AA.

For Goldlaner now in the SSS tier there is only one hero, namely Wanwan, for the SS tier there are still Brody and Beatrix.


Julian Mobile Legends
Photo via ig Mobile Legends Game

According to him, Top support/midlane in this patch has increased to 7 heroes. namely Yve, Kagura, Lylia, Valentina, Xavier, Julian, and Cecilion.

With the addition of only Julian, the new hero Zeys thinks is very strong in the midlane.

The SSS tier is still there and Valentina is still very good despite some adjustments. And Yve is still in SS rank with Xaveir.


Mobile legends kidnap hero
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Top pick or Tier S according to Zeys in the latest patch there are still 8 heroes, but there are quite a few changes, namely Franco and Atlas entering to replace Selena and Khufra. While the other 6 heroes are still the same, namely Mathilda, Valentina, Angela, Grock, Masha and Hilda.

Tier SS is currently held by Franco who is very annoying in this latest Mobile Legends patch.


Counter hyper akai
Photo via DeviantArt

In this latest patch, according to Zeys, there are 10 Top junglers in Mobile Legends, namely: Akai, Fanny, Ling, Julian, Thamuz, Barats, Karina, Helcurt, Baxia, Lancelot, and Karina.

Akai is in the top tier jungler with SSS grade, followed by Ling who is in SS tier. Indeed, the jungler tank is becoming the prima donna, followed by the Assassin jungler with the Sawi emblem.

That’s the latest tier list of Mobile Legends patch 1.6.84 according to EVOS Zeys. Do you agree with the existing list?

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