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This Strongest Jungler Hero in Mobile Legends Sells Hard in Just a Moment

Did you know that the strongest jungler hero in Mobile Legends was sold out by players for only a short time, after that it disappeared from the meta.

Every few months Moonton always brings new patches to balance the Mobile Legends Bang: Bang game.

Regarding that, there is at least one hero who was worst affected by a new patch some time ago, where he was previously very popular and terrible.

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But suddenly after the arrival of the new patch he became useless. It can also be said that the hero is the hero who sells the shortest, who is the hero?

Fanny – Agile & Deadly Assassin

Fanny mobile legends
Photo via pinterest

The hero is Fanny, the assassin hero who is the most agile in movement and the deadliest too.

Some time ago, this hero was selling very well in Mobile Legends. Many players fight over Fanny and ban her every time she plays rank.

Because his ability at that time was really very deadly plus it was difficult to pick off. But unfortunately, soon after Fanny became popular, Moonton presented a new patch in which Fanny’s abilities were a little nerfed.

Even though it is small, the impact is very big for Fanny, because what is nerfed is her energy. Without sufficient and balanced energy, Fanny is just an ordinary assassin hero who is easy to kill.

In fact, things like this have not only happened once but have happened several seasons ago. Every time Fanny is popular after being buffed, suddenly a nerf comes and makes her disappear from the meta.

Fanny mobile legends
Photo via Peakpx

Fanny’s popularity doesn’t last for one season usually, because in the mid-season patch, Fanny has disappeared from the game meta again.

That’s the strongest jungler hero in Mobile Legends, which was only popular for a short time.

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