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This Mobile Legends Tank Item Becomes OP After Getting Buff, Must Try!

This Mobile Legends Tank Item Becomes OP After Getting Buff, Must Try!

Mobile Legends has just made the latest update that will make almost all players re-adapt to the latest META.

The reason is, many buffs and nerfs are received by various elements in Mobile Legends ranging from heroes, lords and even items.

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Interestingly, this season’s META is predicted to return to using Tanks as Junglers because this tank item will become very OP.

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Twilight Armor Gets Additional Damage

Twilight Armor

The current META Tank is of course still one of the most effective METAs in achieving victory.

In this patch, it seems that META Tank is spoiled again after one of the tank items gets a very significant buff.

The item is Twilight Armor which has received extra damage that will make tank heroes even more deadly.

Therefore, here are the buffs that Twilight Armor has obtained in Mobile Legends at this time.


  • The passive that previously required 2 seconds of CD now only takes 1.5 seconds
  • Base Damage increased from 20 to 35

This of course will make the tanks more difficult to conquer and have terrible damage.

So, that’s the tank item that will be very OP for now in Mobile Legends which of course becomes mandatory for tank jungler users.

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