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This Mobile Legends Hero Fighter Has the Most Complete Ability, But…

Did you know that hero fighter op Mobile Legends it has the most complete capabilities of all, but unfortunately there is one big drawback that makes it less reliable.

Having many abilities such as having immune skills, high attack speed, high movement speed, damage reduction and so on is rarely owned by an MLBB hero.

Usually heroes who have terrible abilities like this are immediately nerfed from Moonton, because they are too op.

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Like one hero fighter op Mobile Legends this one who has full abilities but is sadly unused for some reason, who is he?


Hero op mobile legends
Photo via Pinterest

Yep, that hero is Martis. This veteran fighter hero is arguably the hero with the most complete abilities. He can be immune, mobility, attack speed and high movement speed as well as other op abilities.

But these abilities do not guarantee that Martis dominates the Mobile Legends meta game, especially in the exp lane or becomes an offlaner.

In fact he still has a hard time competing with meta heroes in other exp lanes for these reasons. First in terms of damage and the slow delay of Martis’ skill.

That’s what makes Martis’ skills easy to avoid, not to mention Martis is a typical hero who has to pay off the damage to his opponent using his skills.

So if Martis fails to damage his opponent using a skill, then how should Martis beat his opponent? His basic attack is less painful if used just like that.

Hero fighter op mobile legends
Photo via ArtStation

The next reason is that it is difficult to use his ultimate, because Martis’ ultimate can only be spammed if the enemy is killed. So Martis has to be patient waiting for his opponent to die inversely with other fighters who have an ulti that can immediately be used on the opponent’s hero.

That’s the hero fighter op Mobile Legends which has the most complete capabilities but unfortunately there are some weaknesses that make it difficult to enter meta.

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