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This Magic OP Item Will Get a Buff, Making the Mage Hero More OP!

This Magic OP Item Will Get a Buff, Making the Mage Hero More OP!

Despite having updated the latest patch at the end of last month, Moonton seems to be preparing the latest adjustments for Mobile Legends soon.

This of course aims to make the game more interesting by making players think harder to come up with new strategies.

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These adjustments are usually in the form of buff, nerf nor adjustment against heroes and items in Mobile Legends.

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Blood Wings Will Get Buff

Photo via VY Gaming

Interestingly, one of the magic items in Mobile Legends will get a buff that is large enough so that it will make the mage hero definitely become OP.

The item is Blood Wings which is the most expensive magic item currently that can be purchased by hero mage users in the Land of Dawn.

Therefore, here are the buffs that the Blood Wings item will soon get in the upcoming patch update.

  • The previous Magic Power 150 will now increase to 175

This buff will of course make many mage heroes become very OP so it is not impossible that magic damage-type Assassins will get their place again.

In addition, the buffs received by these items will also make Blood Wings worth paying a high price for.

So, that’s a magic item that will soon get a buff from Mobile Legends that will make mage heroes become OP in the Land of Dawn.

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