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This Less Popular Hero Mage Effectively Counters Fighters in Mobile Legends

You must know that this less popular hero mage is very effective in countering the fighter heroes in Mobile Legends, who is the mage?

There are not many heroes with role mages who can defeat fighter heroes in Mobile Legends easily. In fact, most of the mages were countered by the fighters.

But it’s different from this one hero mage, where he can defeat fighter heroes easily even in one attack.

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Who is this hero and what makes it easy for him to defeat fighter heroes in Mobile Legends?

Vale – The Windbender

Hero mage op mobile legends
Photo via Pinterest

That hero is Vale, a hero with the power of the accompanying wind. This mage can be said to be a very terrible mage, his combo skill can defeat the enemy in one attack.

Not even just one enemy, but many enemies at once can be defeated in just one attack using his combo skills.

Why do we call Vale the counter of the fighters? Because the average fighter hero fights from close range and it is soft food for Vale.

So he can easily use his combo skill on the approaching fighter hero. As a result, when a fighter is hit by a Vale combo, he will die instantly.

Hero mage instant kill mobile legends
Photo via WallpaperAccess

But that doesn’t mean Vale doesn’t have a weakness, his biggest weakness is when he fails to hit an opponent with his 2nd skill (knock up), Vale can be easily killed.

So to maximize Vale’s abilities, you have to really focus on your opponent with 2 Vale skills. With the skill sequence 3-2(knock up)-1, anyone who is hit by the combo skill will disappear instantly.

That’s the hero mage who can defeat fighter heroes in Mobile Legends easily.

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