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This is the Youngest Indonesian PUBG Mobile Streamer, Age 7!

Curious about the streamer of a young PUBG Mobile boy from Indonesia?

The rise of the PUBG Mobile game in Indonesia is attracting young people to work even more.

This game is really full of tons of content that can be created by apra Content Creator or Youtube in Indonesia.

Many streamers or YouTube have had success with creating PUBG Mobile content, such as BennyMoza, Bang Alex, Bang Pen, and many more.

Not only streamers, many artists also play this game, and produce very good results in the game, such as Pevita Pearce, Olla Ramlan, and many more.

Recently a famous Youtuber Bennymoza reports in his video that there is a streamer who is only 7 years old.

Come on, let’s see the information!

Dilla, the Youngest PUBG Mobile Streamer!

The young streamer’s name is Dilla, he is a 7-year-old PUBG Mobile streamer via Facebook.

Dilla became known by PUBG Mobile fans when he was introduced by Benny Moza in his Youtube video.

It was said, this friend of the youtuber said that there was a streamer of small children who played PUBG Mobile on Facebook.

The interesting thing is, Diilla uses HP which can be said to still be Potato HP and can stream smoothly, also the game is good.

For 7 years old like Dilla, he can balance playing with famous Youtubers like Benny Moza.

After his game that day, Dilla became known to many people and was often featured in Benny’s videos.

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Trust me guys, Dilla’s game is really good and he doesn’t complain about lag, etc., even though his HP is fairly low.

What I applaud from Dilla is that she never complains, even though she plays on a cellphone that is considered a potato. Even if I lag a little, sometimes I still complain, he never complains at all” said Benny in the video.

Another interesting fact, Dilla really likes weapons M762 which is difficult to control, and is in training using AKM x6. Wow Really Yes!

For those of you who are curious about Dilla, you can directly visit her Facebook with the name My Dealand you can also watch the video of Benny Moza playing with him.

Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for more information, and follow the account Youtube and Instagram our.