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This is the team that GPX Basreng wants to face at the UPoint Esports Invitational!

This is the team that GPX Basreng wants to face at the UPoint Esports Invitational!

The UPoint Esports Invitational Season 2 was finally held again and competed against the best Mobile Legends Ladies teams in Indonesia.

Some of the participating teams include MBR Delphyne, RRQ Mika, Bigetron Era, EVOS Lynx, GPX Basreng, AURA Phoenix, Nigma Galaxy, Alter Ego Nyx, ECHO Aeris and Geek Fam Ladies.

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Meanwhile, GPX Basreng and Bigetron Era are certainly the two teams that are again being seeded to be able to win the tournament.

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GPX Basreng Await ECHO Aeris

Photo via UPoint

The dominance of GPX Basreng in the ladies’ competitive scene certainly makes this team one of the teams that other ladies teams are often wary of.

The reason is, Chincaaw cs almost always successfully advances to the top round of every tournament they participate in and always presents very entertaining matches.

Interestingly, at this time’s UPoint Esports Invitational, the team is looking forward to and wary of the match against ECHO Esports.

“I’m curious about ECHO, because I haven’t fought yet, have I. They also have players from LoL if I’m not mistaken. So I’m curious about ECHO Esports,” said Chincaaw to Koh Lius.

This is certainly not surprising, considering that ECHO Aeris itself is a team that has just been formed to compete in the competitive scene of Mobile Legends ladies.

In addition, the team was also filled with former professional LoL Wild Rift players including Liv, Lynn1ore and Cillax.

Therefore, it is certainly interesting to wait for the match in the continuation of the UPoint Esports Invitational Season 2.

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