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This is the story of the PUBG game, it turns out that there is a story!

This is the original PUBG story that turns out to have an exciting story!

For those of you lovers of battle royale-themed games, of course you know that the first battle royale game that is on the rise is for sure.

The game is Players Unknown Battleground or commonly abbreviated as PUBG, is the first global battleground game.

This game requires you to survive until you are the last person or the last squad alive in battle on one large map.

Now PUBG already has many versions, and also so many additional maps, but the original map from PUBG is Erangel.

It turns out that this great online game has a story or commonly referred to as lore behind it.

Curious, how is the real PUBG story?

PUBG Story: Erangel Map!

According to a story approved by PUBG Corp., this 8×8 sized Erangel map comes from Erin, child’s name Creator PUBG Mobile, Brendan Greene.

In the world of PUBG, it is said that Erangel is a city full of people who have entered the modern era, and is led by the Russian government.

Erangel is located in black sea, and in the midst of that civilization there was an enormous chaos engulfing Erangel.

In the Alpha version of PUBG, long before its release, you can see a lot of newspapers scattered on the map, and if you pay attention and translate from Russian, you will tell what happened on the map.

Due to the crisis and the increasing number of crime cases, the government made a regulation that took away all of their freedom.

pubg wallpapers

This is where the people began to revolt, killing government soldiers and members of the government, so that Erangel was destroyed.

Therefore, the government took action by making Giant Electric Fence which in the game we know as Blue Zone / Zone to wipe out the entire population of Erangel city.

Even so, there are still some people who are alive and able to survive, therefore the government there deliberately left some of the survivors.

This was done to make them fight each other until only 1 person was left to be saved.

That’s where the game we’re playing at the moment happens, we are considered as one of the survivors of the first Blue Zone that finished off the city of Erangel, and was forced to fight again.

How? Are you interested in the story above? There are more stories for other maps, so leave your comments, are you curious about the continuation of the story?

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