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This is the Sickest Julian Build in Mobile Legends According to Jonathan Liandi!

This is the Sickest Julian Build in Mobile Legends According to Jonathan Liandi!

Moonton has finally officially released Julian as the newest hero currently available in Mobile Legends, which you can get for free.

Despite his status as a free hero, the Hero who has a role as a Fighter/Mage can be said to be very deadly, especially when used with the right build.

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Therefore, here are the recommendations for Julian’s sickest build in Mobile Legends according to Jonathan “Emperor” Liandi.

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Arcane Boots

Arcane Boots

To make Julian have deadly magic damage even since early games, Emperor chose Arcane Boots as the shoes used.

With that item, Julian will certainly have an extra movement speed as well as additional Magic Penetration.

Clock of Destiny


The Clock of Destiny is the first magic item that is secured by the Emperor when using Julian in the Land of Dawn.

This item will certainly make the hero more deadly as time goes by with the growth of magic power generated by Clock of Destiny.

Genius Wand

Genius Wand

The Magic Penetration generated from Arcane Boots is certainly not enough to make Julian a deadly hero in Mobile Legends.

With the addition of +10 Magic Penetration, of course, Julian’s combo will be even more terrifying.

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Holy Crystal

Holy Crystal

The item that has a green crystal image is of course a mandatory item for heroes with typical magic damage to increase their magic power.

The reason is, this item will give you an additional +100 Magic Power and the passive even increases 21 to 35% Magic Power.

Divine Glaive

Divine Glaive MLBB
source: Mobile Legends

When entering the late game, of course, additional Magic Penetration is needed which will make magic damage more painful.

The Divine Glaive, of course, was chosen by the Emperor as a solution in penetrating the opponent’s armor thanks to an additional 35% Magic Penetration.

Winter Truncheon

Immortality mobile legends

To make Julian have additional magic damage as well as durability in the late game, Emperor’s Winter Truncheon was secured.

The reason is that in addition to providing additional Magic Power, the item will have an active effect freeze which will make you immune from various attacks.

So, that’s the recommendation for Julian’s current build in Mobile Legends according to Emperor.

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