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This is the Reason Why BTR RA Never Entered Group B PMPL Season 2!

Are you curious about why BTR RA never entered the B PMPL Season 2 group?

PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) has entered Week 4, and it’s only a week before the Grand Finals.

For 4 consecutive weeks for 3 days at the end of the week, the 24 teams fight to collect the most points.

Each group has been divided based on the tournament format given by PMPL in early August.

The division of the group is always divided equitably with the prescribed format, and is never intentional.

It’s just that, in a row, several teams seem to experience a very strange group division. What are the weird things?

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Bigetron Red Aliens Never Entered Group B

BTR Ryzen

Some netizens may realize that the PMWL East 2022 Former Champion Team is always in Group A and Group C.

Week 1 PMPL Season 2 BTR RA is in Group C, as well Week 2and when Week 3 this team was in Group A along with the Top 3 teams at the time.

In Week 4 PMPL Season 2 now, the BTR team is back in Group C, and so far it has never been in Group B. Why?

Many rumors say that Group B was never scheduled to play Sunday, while Sunday is the busiest day for people to watch PMPL Season 2.

Team Bigetron Red Aliens is the ideal team for Indonesian PUBG Mobile fans, so there might be a deliberate factor in the group division.

Although lately the Aliens Team’s performance has fallen considerably, the fans are still waiting for the ferocity of BTR players to rise again.

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Nara and Louvre Always Side by Side

Nara Esports since Week 2 always in 1 group with Louvre Kings. Until now, the two teams are still in the same group.

They were both at the bottom of the PMPL Season 2 Leaderboard at the end of Week 3 yesterday, with Nara Esports leading in 19th place.

The fight between the two teams is eagerly awaited by the audience, because for 3 consecutive weeks, they will always meet.

Which of the two of them will win, guys?

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