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This is the Reason Luxxy Didn't Participate in Match 2 at PMGC Weekdays Week 2 Day 2!

BTR Luxxy didn’t participate in match 2 Weekdays PMGC Week 2 Day 2 yesterday?

If you watched the Weekdays Week 2 match on the second day yesterday, of course you will realize that something was wrong in one of the matches.

This is in Bigetron Red Aliens, a team from Indonesia who is currently at the top of the Super Weekend standings.

In match 2 yesterday, a match that had just started the day, the Bigetron team had a blunder where one of their players did not enter the match.

He is Luxxy, IGL as well as a sniper from the Bigetron Red Aliens team who together with their team managed to become world champions.

Unfortunately, as good as the team is at playing, if they are not complete / full team then it will still be difficult to be the last team on the map.

In the second match at Vikendi yesterday, Bigetron did not get Chicken, and only got a few points.

This has also become a question for Bigetron fans, why BTR Luxxy did not play in the second PMGC match.

After a few moments the match was over, Luxxy immediately gave a clarification on his Twitter post, and also the SS chat from BTR_Starlest.

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According to Luxxy’s post, he was kicked out of the room for allegedly not turning on the GAC (Anti Cheat) which is a requirement for participating in the competition.

Luxxy also said that in fact he had turned on his GAC 5 minutes before the game started, and that meant a system error had occurred.

Starlest also immediately asked Luxxy about this, and immediately clarified to Bigetroopers about Luxxy not playing.

Source: bigetronesports

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But fortunately, Bigetron Red Aliens managed to occupy the second position, and can qualify for Super Weekend this week.

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