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This is the reason Jayden was chosen to be IGL Aura Esports!

The Indonesian Esports team began to grow very rapidly seeing the players who had started to adapt to the situation.

There are so many players from Indonesia who have played in international tournaments.

One of which is Aura Esports who will compete in PMPL Sea Finals Season 2along with 2 other teams.

The coach from Aura Esports, recently uploaded himself chatting with one of the Bigetron Red Aliens athletes, Microboy.

In his podcast, he talks about many things, and one of them is the reason Entruv chose Jayden as IGL at Aura Esports.

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Jayden Becomes IGL Aura Esports Because of Bigetron RA

In his podcast, Entruv said that he was driven to be better because he saw the increasing potential of Bigetron RA.

Since he became the coach of Aura Esports, he only trained with his experience and skills in playing.

Source: YT Entruv

Seeing Bigetron RA growing very rapidly, Entruv also made this team a role model.

He saw a Zuxxy who was not as good as he is today, since becoming an IGL he has extraordinary skills.

With that, Entruv also said the reason why he chose Jayden as the In Game Leader for Aura Esports.

In the past, there was still Natic, right? Zuxxy wasn’t very good at it, right? When Natic ​​came out, then you (Microboy) entered Zuxxy and immediately became IGL, right. When he’s IGL, you can see what it’s like, so he’s a terminator. Well, I want Jayden to be like that too.” said Entruv.

So you could say, Jayden was chosen to be IGL because Entruv wanted Jayden to be more like Zuxxy.

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He wanted to show that young players could become, even overtake, experienced Senior Pro Players.

People think with one eye, ah, you’re still young (Zuxxy) how come you’ve become an IGL, it turns out that the results are crazy, and that’s what I tried too” Entruv said to Microboy.

As someone who is a fan of Bigetron, Entruv learned many things, and was able to take many positive things.

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