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This is the Reason for BTR Liquid Not Participating in PMPL SEA Finals Season 2!

BTR Liquid not participating in PMPL SEA Finals Season 2 later?

Good news comes from one of the big PUBG Mobile Indonesia teams, Bigetron Red Aliens.

Reportedly, the big team that has brought Indonesia’s name to the international arena has a new roster.

This roster from one of the Underdog teams that won the PINC 2022 last year, ION Esports has officially entered Bigetron RA.

The player is ION Liquid who will be the newest sniper for Bigetron RA in the next few tournaments.

Unfortunately, in the introductory video for BTR Liquid, he said that he could not participate in the PMPL SEA Finals and PMGC tournaments in the future.

Here is the information,

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Liquid Does Not Participate in PMPL and PMGC Tournaments

In accordance with what Liquid himself said in his video, he has not been able to take part in the next BTR RA tournament this season.

This is because the next big tournament, BTR RA has been registered before BTR Liquid entered as a new roster.

I can’t play in SEA and PMGC, because the rules have been there since then. It’s because I’ve played PMPL on ION, automatically then it won’t work because I’ve locked the roster. So I’m playing next season.” said BTR Liquid.

BTR Liquid Not Participating in PMPL Sea Finals

The PMPL SEA Finals tournament as well as the PUBG Mobile Global Championship are the long-awaited tournaments.

Bigetron RA has also been confirmed to enter the two tournaments with the old roster that will play.

Unfortunately when the alien team registered in both major tournaments, Liquid not yet on the roster for Bigetron Red Aliens.

This is certainly bad news for fans of BTR who have been waiting for Liquid’s presence in this team.

If you know, Liquid has participated in skrim together with BTR RA during the screening for the PMPL SEA Finals.

But sadly, we can’t see him playing for Bigetron for a while this season.

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