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This is the Reason Bigetron RA Gets a Slot at PMPL Sea Finals!

Why did Bigetron RA get a slot in the PMPL Sea Finals?

The Grand Final PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Indonesia Season 2 is the end for the teams who have been trying for 3 days.

Of course, we won’t forget the big match that brought together 24 well-known Indonesian teams a few weeks ago.

After that, also the 16 teams who met again last week, finally the biggest PUBG Mobile match in Indonesia has been completed.

Aerowolf Limax managed to become the champion in PMPL ID Season 2 this time, following Bigetron RA enter the PMPL Sea Finals together Aura Esports.

Many are asking, isn’t it the top 2 teams in PMPL ID Season 2 Grand Finals?

How did BTR get into the PMPL Sea Finals? Here’s the explanation!\

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BTR RA Enters PMPL Sea Finals!

As we already know, the Top 16 of PMPL ID Season 2 Regular Season will continue the match in the Grand Finals round.

This tournament will determine who the team will be representing Indonesia to play in PMPL SEA Finals later.

From the Grand Finals, it was determined that Aerowolf and Aura would represent Indonesia in the PMPL Sea Finals.

Bigetron Red Aliens it’s confirmed to officially get a slot to PMPL Sea because it worked won 1st place in Regular Season PMPL ID Season 2.

So according to PMPL ID Season 2 Grand Finals Tournament Format that has been determined, then BTR RA officially gets the slot.

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So indeed there are 3 teams that will represent each country to play in the PMPL Sea Finals, and according to the format BTR RA, Aerowolf, and Aura will advance.

Just so you know, Bigetron Red Aliens already got an automatic ticket to G-Championship You know, because you won the PMWL East Season 0 last year.

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