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This is the price for a FF Dyland Pros account, apparently reaching billions of rupiah!

Who does not know the figure of the sultanate Indonesian Free Fire YouTuber named Dyland Pros. Of course, the nickname came, because Dyland Pros always does massive top ups into the Free Fire game account. So, what is the price for a FF Dyland Pros account?

This question has been asked by many fans lately. With a top up of hundreds of millions of rupiah, of course Dyland Pros has a variety of exclusive items that are very rare in the Free Fire game. These items are obtained by burning Diamonds and participating in various events.

Well, for that, this time Dafunda Game will discuss how much is the price for Dyland Pros’ Free Fire account. Want to know what the range is? Come on, let’s see the following discussion to the end.

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Get to know Dyland Pros more

Dyland Pros
Dyland Pros | Indosports

Dyland Pros real name is Dyland Maximus Zidane. He is a content creator or YouTuber with Free Fire game content. In his YouTube content, Dyland Pros has unique and interesting content that is unique to his channel.

That is, he often burns money to top up the Free Fire game with a lot of money. In fact, in 2022, he once spent as much as 900 million to buy Diamond Free Fire. He did this in celebration of his YouTube channel which at that time managed to reach 5.1 million Subs.

Until now, Dyland Pros has had a total subscriber base of 14.7 million subs. With everything he has now, he can do most things he wants, including top up hundreds of millions into the game.

What is the Price of a FF Dyland Pros Account?

FF Dyland Pros Account
Dyland Pros Account | YouTube

According to existing leaks, the price of the Free Fire Dyland Pros account is estimated to be currently worth IDR 4 billion. Of course, that is a very high price, and already on par with the price of mobile sports. This also makes the Dyland Pros account the most expensive Free Fire account in Indonesia.

The leak regarding the price of the Dyland Pros Free Fire account was immediately mentioned by the owner. He said that this amount was the total of all the badges he had bought so far and included the skins in it. He already has all the exclusive and rare skins in his account.

Finally, he said that it was also done so that Indonesia’s name could be big in the international arena. Or in essence, to always be the number one top global badge every month.

So that’s the discussion regarding the price of the FF Dyland Pros account. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below. Keep visiting Dafunda Game so you don’t miss other interesting information about games from us.