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This is the PMPL ID 2022 Season 2 Regular Season Champion!

PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) 2022 Indonesia Season 2 has finally finished Regular Season after completing Day 3 of Week 6.

The third day of PMPL Season 2 Week 6 will be the last day to determine who will enter the round Grand Finals later.

Many PUBG Mobile lovers have been waiting for this day, because they can’t wait to see their support team enter the Grand Finals round.

Bigetron Red Aliens managed to get 2 WWCD in a row at the close of PMPL ID Season 2 Regular Season today, and managed to get the championship title.

PMPL Season 2 Week 6 Day 3 Match Results!

Today’s match is followed by Group B and Group C which have been divided into 6 rounds on different maps.

Here are the results from tonight’s match:

Round 1 – Sanhok: ION Esports

Round 2 – Vikendi: Aerowolf Limax

Round 3 – Erangel: Bigetron Red Aliens

Round 4 – Miramar: Bigetron Red Aliens

Round 5 – Erangel: Siren Esports

Round 6 – Miramar: Victim Sovers

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What’s going on in Week 6 Day 3?

The third day of PMPL Season 2 Week 6 brings us to the point of excitement because there are so many teams that finally raise their performance.

The 24 teams managed to collect points during 1 month more this, and the Top 16 in this Regular Season will enter the Grand Finals.

Bigetron Red Aliens managed to get 2 WWCD in a row making him hold the title of champion in PMPL ID Season 2 with 831 points.

ION Esports managed to get WWCD at the opening of the last day of this Regular Season, and also got second place with 770 points.

The highlight of this Week 6 Day 2 is the battle between BTR and ION which many viewers have been waiting for.

There were so many events that brought these two top teams together, but time and time again there were so many annoying third teams.

As a result, now Bigetron Red Aliens was the one who managed to hold the top position in the PMPL ID Season 2 Regular Season standings.

Top Kills still in hand ION RedFaceN with total 138 kills, followed by BTR Ryzen with 120 kills underneath.

No less exciting, the match for the Top 16 position by the teams that are still in the bottom position.

It seems that the battle between Team Crocodile and Team eagle must end, because Nara Esports failed to get into the Top 16.

But the space of the teams at the bottom position is still the best, see Nara Esports and 69 Esports who managed to go up 2 places from before.

Keep supporting these teams, and give them enthusiasm to join the next PMPL ID tournament, guys!

Don’t forget to watch the round Grand Finals which will be held next week, continue to support your team, guys!

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