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This is the Most Strong and Aggressive Support Hero in Mobile Legends

You want to play fast in Mobile Legends? So it is highly recommended to pick this support hero who has strong and aggressive abilities in Mobile Legends.

Choosing the right hero to play fast in Mobile Legends is the most important thing. Because each hero has its own advantages.

Some are only strong in the late game, some are strong in the early game or even some are strong in the early to late game.

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Now for those of you who want to play fast or end your opponent under 15/20 minutes, it is highly recommended to pick an early hero. Like the strong and aggressive support hero in Mobile Legends, you must pick this one.


lord mobile legends contest
Photo via Twitter MLBB

That hero is Mathilda, Mathilda has a support and assassin role where her abilities are like support heroes in general while her damage is like an assassin hero.

It is highly recommended that you pick Mathilda when you want to play fast, because this hero has a very aggressive gameplay that can give big damage in the early game.

In addition, skill 2 is also very helpful for teammates to escape, attack and rotate very quickly.

So that the mobility of the heroes on your team will be helped very quickly by Mathilda’s 2nd skill.

Mathilda Mobile Legends
Photo via Kincir

But the bad thing about Mathilda is that her ultimate can only lock one target. So for war Mathilda is less helpful.

He is more suitable for ganking and pressing the opponent’s core. That’s a strong and aggressive support hero in Mobile Legends that you must pick.

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