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This Is Garp's Mistake That Made Luffy A Pirate

Monkey D Garp is a member of the Navy, during his youth he had great achievements that made him a great Hero. As someone who had great achievements in the Navy, it was not surprising that he wanted his grandchildren to follow in his footsteps. Well this time we want to discuss Garp’s mistake that made Luffy a pirate.

As usual, before getting into the discussion, we would like to inform you that this article draws on information from existing sources and a few opinions. Still curious? Alright, let’s start the discussion.

The following is a discussion of Garp’s mistakes that made Luffy a pirate

1. Entrusting Luffy to the Mountain Bandits

Entrusting Luffy To Mountain Bandits
Entrusting Luffy to Mountain Bandits©Eiichiro Oda, Toei Animation

Garp’s first mistake was to leave Luffy to the Mountain Bandits, as we all know that Bandits are bad people or not good people. So strangely, Garp, who knew Bandits were evil, instead entrusted his young grandchildren to them.

Of course this triggers the minds of the grandchildren to do evil or naughty. It’s because those who are still small follow the actions of adults. In our opinion, it would be good for Garp to entrust his grandson to his subordinates.

2. Rarely Comes Home

Rarely go home
Rarely Comes Home©Eiichiro Oda, Toei Animation

Garp’s next mistake was that he rarely came home, actually for this point it was not entirely Garp’s fault. Well, the name of work must have a schedule for rest, especially for those who are in charge of maintaining public safety, of course it is very difficult to take a day off.

However, in our opinion, Garp should have come home more often and spent time with his grandson. The problem is that if we look at the three grandchildren, they are far from their parents and certainly no one will guide them to the right path.

3. Not Showing the Cool Figure of the Navy

Not Showing the Cool Figure of the Navy
Not Showing the Cool Navy Figure ©Eiichiro Oda, Toei Animation

Garp’s last mistake was not showing the cool figure of the Navy. As we all know Garp is a great Marine Hero. As a hero, of course, this one character is very cool in the eyes of his subordinates.

Well, it’s strange that Garp wants his grandson to become a Marine, but he doesn’t show a cool figure of himself as a Marine. In fact, if we think well, usually small children will be easily influenced by cool figures.

That was Garp’s mistake that made Luffy a pirate. So after reading this article, what do you think? If you have a more interesting opinion, don’t forget to comment.