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This is the FFIM 2022 Fall Tournament Format!

The FFIM 2022 Fall Tournament Format has been published!

Garena has announced that the next Free Fire tournament will start in September 2022.

Free Fire Indonesia Master (FFIM) 2022 Fall will start soon and invite all FF players throughout Indonesia to participate.

For all of you who feel like competing against Pro Player and want to represent Indonesia in the FFCS 2022 future, may try to register.

This tournament will consist of 5 rounds which will start on 1 September – 11 October 2022.

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FFIM 2022 Fall Tournament Format

Of the 5 rounds that will be held, the first round is Open Qualifier FFC Mode will be conducted in early September early.

Slots are unlimited, so you are free to register whenever you want, then FFC will start.

In the Quarter Finals, it will be done Best of 4 and the plans for the teams that will enter this round are here 792 teams.

In the next round to the last, 6 teams on FFML 2022 Season 2 will take part in this competition.

In the round Group Finals, FFML Season 2 Teams Rank 7 – 12 will enter the tournament against 66 qualifying teams.

In the round Play-Ins Stageit is the turn of 6 teams from FFML Season 2 Rank 1 – 6 who will enter the tournament against 6 teams from the group finals winners.

In round Grand Finals, to determine the FFIM 2022 Champion this Fall, 6 Play-Ins Stage champion teams will meet 6 FFML 2022 Season 2 Group Winner teams.

Team from FFML 2022 Season 2

From the current results of FFML 2022 Season 2, there are several teams that might be predictable to enter FFIM 2022 Fall easily.

Of the three groups that have played in FFML for the past 4 weeks, several teams have shown their maximum performance.

Evos Esports Boss Titan Aura Esports Onic Olympus Dranix Vendetta and Red Bull Rebellion are the 6 teams that really stand out in this FFML 2022 Season 2.

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For those of you who really want to fight the teams above, try registering yourself in this tournament. Don’t feel inferior when you see the Pro Player above, guys, there’s no harm in trying it first hehehe.

Don’t forget to visit the SPIN Website for more information, and follow our IG and YouTube accounts.