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This is the Division of the PMGC 2022 Group, Aerowolf Red Zone!

PMGC 2022 Season 0 group division is out!

This is the moment that PUBG Mobile lovers have been waiting for, where the first Global tournament will be held soon.

With less than a week to go, we will witness the first day of the great tournament we have been waiting for since last month.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2022 has announced the teams that will participate in this tournament and have divided them into 3 groups.

After Indonesia took a break from the PUBG Mobile tournament, now is the time for them to return to the world of fighting against teams from various countries.

PMGC Group Division 2022!

According to what the committee has decided, the 24 teams will be divided into 3 big groups which contains each group 8 teams.

The Indonesian team entered Group A and group C, where Aerowolf Limax will occupy Group A, and Bigetron Red Aliens in Group C.

Here’s the group breakdown:

Group A

Source: pubgmobile esports id

  • Aerowolf Limax
  • Power888 KPS
  • Loops Esports
  • DRS Gaming
  • Godsent
  • Nova XQF
  • Archer Gaming
  • Blue Bees

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Group B

Source: pubgmobile esports id

  • Secret Jin
  • Abrupt Slayers
  • The Unnamed
  • Digital Athletics Class
  • Four Angry Men (4AM)
  • Z3us Esports
  • A7 Esports
  • Konina Powers

Group C

Source: pubgmobile esports id

  • Bigetron Red Aliens
  • RRQ Athena
  • Execute Esports
  • Natus Vincere (NaVi)
  • Futbolist
  • Team Secret
  • A1 Esports
  • Elites United Team

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As you can see, the Indonesian Team was divided into 2 and did not meet, allowing them to focus on collecting their points in their respective groups.

It seems that seeing the group division like this, the two Indonesian teams should show their performance a little more, because many teams from other countries are also dangerous.

In Group A, Aerowolf will meet Nova XQF who is considered an alien from China and the champion of PEC 2022, as well as the Loops Esports team, the champion of PMPL America.

Aerowolf must be able to show that they also have the title as PMPL Indonesia Season 2 champions, as an underdog team to be afraid of too.

Bigetron in group C, will also meet his rival again, namely RRQ Athena from Thailand, and we will also see the champions PMWL East and PMWL West meet.

The Futbolist team as the previous PMWL West champion will be in the same group with Bigetron Red Aliens who holds the PMWL East champion title.

So, don’t miss the inter-group match at PMGC 2022 Season 0 later, note the date on November 24, 2022!

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