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This is the Cause of PUBG Mobile Player KOG Braga Attacked by Netizens Free Fire Indonesia!

Players from KOG / King of Gamers KOG Braga attacked by Indonesian Netizens!

The comments column is very dangerous, and likes to be a hotbed for haters to express their opinions about things they don’t like.

There are so many cases that have happened to Pro Players who have received criticism or threats through the comments column.

Recently, Indonesian netizens have made another comeback by attacking one of the Pro Players from Thailand, namely Braga.

PUBG Mobile player Instagram account from the team King of Gamers suddenly filled with comments from Indonesians who are believed to be Free Fire fans.

Here’s the information!

KOG Braga Attacked by Netizens Free Fire Indonesia!

It all started with the Free Fire international tournament, namely FFCS: Asia Series 2022 which just finished last Sunday.

In the tournament, EXP Esports is the team that brought the 2022 FFCS Asia Series Champion title, and took home the promised prize.

When the match took place, netizens saw an oddity where the champion was considered to have done something wrong alliance / teaming with the King of Gamers team.

If you don’t know, the two teams are from Thailand, and there is a high possibility that netizens think that they are working together to be able to occupy the top standings.

Therefore, Indonesian netizens as usual carried out attacks through social media against the members of the Thai team.

But unfortunately the ones who were attacked were PUBG Mobile players KOG Braga which comes from King of Gamers PUBG Mobile division.

Of course this made the player confused, and also a lot of Indonesian netizens who apologized for the actions of their Free Fire fans.

Seen from his Instagram account @bankbraga, in the comments column is being filled with some Indonesian comments,

the ff alliance, the one that was attacked by PUBG players, FF is really small” said one netizen in the comment column.

Source: bankbraga

Of course, this embarrassed some Indonesian fans for the Thai team, who didn’t know anything.

Well, that’s more or less how it started, Spinners, really, Indonesian fans should be more supportive, it seems!

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