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This Hero Tank is Always There in Almost Every Meta Mobile Legends

Did you know that this tank hero is always there in almost every meta game Mobile Legendsyou could say the anti meta hero.

Of the hundreds of heroes Moonton created in the game Mobile Legends there are only a few of them who are called anti-meta heroes.

Anti-meta heroes themselves are heroes who rarely come out or even never leave the game meta Mobile Legends and there are only a few who have that ability.

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Like one tank hero Mobile Legends this is what deserves to be called an anti meta hero because it is almost always in every meta game, who is he?


Mobile legends hero tanks
Photo via FB MLBB

Yep, that hero is Franco, a hero who relies heavily on his 1 and 3 skills when fighting is one of the friendliest tankers for novice players in Mobile Legends.

Because of its low mechanics, this tank hero is suitable to be played by anyone, including even novice players.

Therefore Franco is easy to find in each of his metas, buffs and nerfs don’t seem to have any effect on this hero. Because playing Franco only needs accuracy when using his 1 and 3 skills.

Then Franco’s own abilities are also very good, he can counter many op heroes in Mobile Legends using his 3rd skill, that’s what makes this tank hero really worth picking in every meta.

Mobile legends strongest tank hero
Photo via Twitter

That’s the tank hero who is always present in almost every meta game Mobile Legends.

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