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This Hero OP Support Mobile Legends With The Most Complete Ability

You must know that this is the Mobile Legends support hero with the most complete abilities compared to other support heroes, who is he?

According to their role, heroes with support roles have abilities that tend to help the team fight.

But there are several Mobile Legends support heroes who have more complete abilities than just helping the team fight.

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One of them is this one support hero, according to SPIN Esports he is the most complete support hero in Mobile Legends so far.


The best healing heroes in mobile legends
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Yep that hero is Rafaela, this hero has many reliable abilities for your team. In addition, the damage from Rafaela is also quite painful, making it suitable to be played as a midlane.

Why do we call Rafaela support with the most complete capabilities? Because first he has a healing skill while increasing the movement speed of all his colleagues who are close to him.

Then he has skill 1 which can do considerable damage to the opponent at the same time this skill can be used as an open map towards the grass.

Hero ML Revamp Doesn't Sell
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Finally, skill 3 can stun for quite a while if the opponent is hit by this skill and it’s very op for a support hero like Rafaela.

Not to mention that Rafaela’s mobility is very high so that it can match the gameplay of the jungler heroes in the meta now.

That’s the hero support op Mobile Legends with the most complete abilities according to SPIN Esports.

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