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This Hero Marksman OP Mobile Legends is not suitable to be a Goldlaner

Did you know that there is one marksman hero OP Mobile Legends who is not very suitable to be played as a goldlaner, who is that hero?

Marksman heroes usually fill the goldlaner role in Mobile Legends, they are played in that role because it is a guarantee of damage in the late game later.

Regarding that, not all marksman heroes are suitable to be played as goldlaner, there are some heroes that are not recommended for you to play in goldlane.

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Like this one mm hero who is not suitable to be a goldlaner, who is this hero and why is he not suitable to be played as a goldlaner?


Hero marksman Jungler mobile legends
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That hero is Granger, this marksman hero is the least suitable hero to play as a goldlaner. Because his best ability will not come out.

There are several reasons that make Granger very unfit to play in goldlane, but the main reason is that he doesn’t have a lot of damage and can’t compete with other goldlaners.

You need to remember that Granger is a marksman hero who really depends on his skills, his basic attack is less reliable, much different from other mm who have terrible basic attacks.

Plus Granger’s skills are easy to avoid by his opponent, so when Granger’s team fight doesn’t have skills it will be very troublesome.

Mobile legends strongest marksman hero

Now because Granger relies more on his skills when fighting, so he has to win levels and gold from his opponents, so Granger is more suitable to be played as a jungler.

If you keep forcing Granger on goldlane, then be prepared to face Granger who has no damage from early, mid game even to late game.

That’s the marksman op hero in Mobile Legends, which is not very suitable to be played as a goldlaner.

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