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This Free Fire Cheat Will Make Your FF Account Permanently Banned!

This Free Fire Cheat Makes Your FF Account Permanently Banned!

Free Fire is a mobile battle royale game whose popularity cannot be doubted. The game has more than 500 million downloads worldwide.

But with great fame, FF also has to face big challenges every day. The challenge is cheaters.

You could say Free Fire is a game that has a fairly large number of cheaters, and this is indeed due to the large number of players who play the game.

Lately, Garena has taken a firm stand to eradicate cheaters in FF. The step they took was to create a more aggressive anti-cheat system than before.

In this article, SPIN Esports will discuss 4 Free Fire cheats that will DEFINITELY make your FF account PERMANENTLY BANNED.

Auto Aim

Free Fire Cheats

Auto Aim is the most frequently used cheat by Free Fire players. This cheat allows players to instantly lock their aim into the enemy’s head.

Because these cheats are the most frequently found, this cheat is also the most hated by Free Fire players.

If you are caught using the auto aim cheat, 100% of your account will be permanently banned.

AntennaFree Fire Cheats

Antenna is a cheat that is quite unique and almost never found in other battle royale games.

Basically, the antenna cheat will give you a bug where you can see your opponent’s location when you look up.

This cheat is the 2nd most common cheat used by FF players.

Wall hacks

Free Fire Cheats

The wall hack is a very common cheat that is quite difficult to catch.

This is because many players who use the wallhack cheat want to be invisible if they use the cheat.

So that opposing players are usually difficult to report whether the cheater really uses cheats or not.

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Even so, wallhacks can still be caught by Free Fire’s anti-cheat system, and if caught, the account will be permanently banned.


Free Fire Cheats

Teleport is a cheat that FF players often use too. Usually the cheater will teleport underground and they then kill all the opponents they see from below.

Cheaters who use the teleport cheat are very easy for players to detect because when you are killed by a teleport cheater, you can immediately see them on the screen. spectate opponent.

If you see the cheater, immediately report to Free Fire!

Here are 4 Free Fire cheats that will get your FF account permanently banned! Don’t forget to keep visiting our website, to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook!