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This FIFA 20 Pro Player Failed To Qualify Due to a Bug that Missed His Goal During Penalty Shootout!

This FIFA 20 Pro player lost due to a bug that occurred in the FIFA 20 tournament

FIFA 20 which is a very popular soccer game besides PES, it was recently discovered that the FIFA Tournament being held was having problems due to a BUG that disrupted the system of the FIFA Tournament, causing one of the professional FIFA 20 players who were competing named Giuseppe Guastella to experience defeat.

It is known that at that time he was in a penalty shootout session with his opponent, where whoever scored the last goal would come out as the winner of the match. but instead there is a unique bug where a penalty kick that goes into the opponent’s goal is considered not a goal.

Through his personal Twitter account, he expressed his disappointment and said that he did not make it to the qualifying round for the North America region only because of a bug.

Well, it’s clearly not seen through the video that when Guastella kicks the ball and hits the inside post of the opponent’s goal, what should happen is a goal. However, the FIFA 20 system has a bug and thinks that this is not a goal. In fact, he has also filed a protest against the admin, but the admin still follows the decision of the game that has experienced the bug.