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This Female Streamer Meets Her Soulmate in PUBG Mobile!

This is Cici Pertiwi, a beautiful streamer from Palembang who met her soul mate in PUBG Mobile!

Earning a lot of money playing games, and also making game content a job has become commonplace for today’s generation.

Lots of young people in Indonesia are starting to enter the realm of esports to earn extra money, and even make permanent jobs.

But not for this female gamer, besides getting extra money, she also gets a mate in the game she plays.

Those gamers are Cici Pertiwi who is on the rise because she found her soul mate in the PUBG Mobile game.

The woman who was born in 1999, whose real name is Suci Pertiwi, met her partner by accident while doing a match in the game.

The man, Ane Firman, said that at first he met his partner through a mabar that he often did together.

At first, when Cici joined Mabar, I didn’t understand, I know when she often joins, then the chat and phone calls continue to be intense until she falls asleep,” said Ane Firman through Tribun Seleb’s writing.

Source: IG Cici Pertiwi

Their relationship was not as close as thought, it turned out that they had a long distance relationship. Cici is in Palembang, and Ane is in Balikpapan.

In line with their story, they finally got up the courage to meet each other, and until now they have been able to establish a close relationship as husband and wife.

These two gamers often live together on Nimo TV, and Facebook Gaming as their hobby in playing PUBG Mobile.

With the two of them streaming, and playing together as a pair of gamers, they were already able to earn a tremendous amount of income for their lives.

From here we can see that not all games are bad, you can even meet your soul mate while playing games with your friends.

But also manage your time, and not be the main reason to find a mate in playing games, yes Spinners!

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