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Things to Pay Attention to Before Changing Mu Dragon Nest Mobile's Job

After the emergence of the latest Job, Kali, the developer provides a special item for those of you who are confused about creating a job. Yep, that item is a Job Changing Item that you can buy with shop Dragon Coin. As the name suggests, this item allows you to change your job without starting over again. Unmitigated This item is also sold at a 50% discount at the Dragon Coin shop. So for those of you who are bored with your job but don’t want to start over again, this item is the best choice. But before changing jobs, there are a few things you must know first.

1. After changing the job, the player’s Job, Exp, Mount, Costume, Fairy and Enchant levels will remain.

2. If you have created a character with what job? just. When changing jobs Diamond and Dragon Coins will be replaced.

3. The effect of Refining player attributes will remain.

4. The addition of player attributes at that time will be automatically replaced according to Job changed, the Grade quality of the Refined attribute will remain the same.

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5. When the player changes the job, the Jade attribute is also adjusted. After changing jika Gear originally contained the same Jade attribute. then the attribute of Jade will go into the bag.

6. Social Status Attribute after Job changed then the attribute will be adjusted.

7. Gear attributes after changing will also be adjusted according to changes Job.

8. Album bonus will be replaced according to the addition of job attributes.

9. Menu Exclusive Players will also be changed according to job changes.

10. Saved gems Players also do not change.

11. Players currently wearing Heraldry Normal stored unchanged. (One of the disadvantages of changing Jobs is that Heraldry does not change. So it will be very influential if the initial Magic-type Job changes to Physical and vice versa. But it doesn’t really matter if your Job type is similar, such as Magic to Magic or Physical to Physical)

12. Player’s current Gear Strengthen level has not changed.

13. Player after changing Job. then the Skill will be reset back to 0the system gives an additional 1 times the number of Skill Resets.

14. If you have created a certain Job. then another character changed to Job this. Job the previously created character will be hidden. When this character changes again to another job, the original character will be displayed again. (This will take effect when you will Login in character selection)