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These Two Mobile Legends Support Heroes Get Buffs, META Support is Back?

These Two Mobile Legends Support Heroes Get Buffs, META Support is Back?

After updating the latest patch for Mobile Legends, Moonton seems to immediately rush back to prepare the update that will be present for next month.

Interestingly, the two support heroes will definitely get a buff which will certainly make the support heroes back to exist in the Land of Dawn.

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Therefore, here are two support heroes who will soon get buffs in Mobile Legends in the upcoming patch update.

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Nana and Floryn Get Buff

Photo via Mobile Legends Update

The two support heroes are Nana and Floryn, who recently received significant nerf from Moonton.

Thanks to the nerf that made him disappear from circulation, now both Nana and Floryn will get buffs in the new patch that will come.

Therefore, here are the buffs that the two heroes will soon receive in Mobile Legends.


Skill 1

  • Damage and speed increase will increase significantly

Skill 2

  • Skill cast speed is increased, activation delay is reduced and standby duration and effective range are reduced



Photo via UHD Wallpaper

In this buff, Floryn will get back the adjustments that were removed by Moonton.

Skill 1

  • New Effect: Now energy seeds can give a slow effect that is hit by the attack.

Skill 2

  • New Effect: Initial attack will now stun enemies for 0.2 seconds

The buff is of course predicted to affect the META and effective strategies that can be used in future patch updates.

Therefore, of course, it will be interesting to wait for the buff that will be received by the two heroes, so it is possible that META support will return soon.

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