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These Three Heroes Are Predicted To Go Crazy in the New Mobile Legends Patch!

These Three Heroes Are Predicted To Go Crazy in the New Mobile Legends Patch!

Entering the new month, June 2022, of course there will be a new patch. Although it is likely to be present at the end of the month because last month was the same.

On the advanced server, some heroes have gotten buffs or major changes that make them even stronger.

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Seeing some of the buffed heroes, this is SPIN Esports’ prediction about the three heroes who will go crazy in the new patch later.

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Hero mage op mobile legends

The thing that makes him crazy is being able to walk while removing skill 1 and skill 2. Of course this will really make this hero crazy because Gord is a hero who can issue skills while walking like Irithel.

You can agree because Irithel is quite crazy in the new patch and is one of the counter heroes, namely Wanwan.

For more details, you can check this video directly.

Indeed, the damage is reduced but the interval is accelerated so that the damage remains the same as before.


Hero fighter op mobile legends

The next hero is an old Fighter hero that pro players don’t look at anymore. He is very slow in attack speed even though the damage is large.

The change that makes SPIN Esports sure is that it cancels its Skill 2, it can no longer be canceled except by Suppress.

In addition, the swing speed of skill 2 also increases making it even stronger. The ultimate is also buffed, damage increases in the late game, speed and area are increased, so it’s easier to hit the opponent.


Hero fighter meta mobile legends
Photo via Twitter @ervocado

The third hero is Leomord. Indeed, this hero only gets a display revamp and a little buff on his skills.

But seeing the change in passive and skill 1 is enough to make it shine. We’ll see if Leomord will be a pick again after a long sinking?

Those are the three heroes that we predict will go crazy in the new Mobile Legends patch. Junebe Leomord needs a little more buff if he really wants to be strengthened.

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