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These Hero Rows Effectively Counter Julian in Mobile Legends, Can Make Chocolate!

These Hero Rows Effectively Counter Julian in Mobile Legends, Can Make Chocolate!

Julian was finally officially released by Moonton as the newest hero currently available in Mobile Legends.

This hero who has a role as a Fighter/Mage immediately transforms into an OP hero with very deadly skills and damage.

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Not only that, the hero is also quite flexible whether used as a jungler, midlaner, explaner or even goldlaner.

Therefore, here is a list of heroes that are quite effective in overcoming Julian for now in Mobile Legends.

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hero counter saber mlbb
Source: UHDWallpaper

Even though it’s not OP like it used to be, Saber is certainly still a hero single target the best currently available in Mobile Legends.

The reason is, when the passive is used properly then you will be able to finish Julian with just one use Triple Sweep (ultimate) Saber’s.


aurora hero counter fanny mlbb
Source: UHDWallpaper

Being a hero who is still considered one eye certainly does not make you able to underestimate Aurora in the Land of Dawn.

The combination of his attacks that will freeze you as well as his ultimate will certainly make Julian not dare to get out of his nest.


It's just that the OP ML hero doesn't sell

Hiding and then capturing opponents is Kaja’s favorite task, which Julian users in Mobile Legends need to watch out for.

When using a full magic damage build, of course Kaja only needs to use the ultimate combo and skill 1 to be able to finish off his opponents easily, including Julian.

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Eudora Skin Mobile Legends

Having skills that are almost similar to Aurora, Eudora is certainly another mage hero who is powerful in overcoming Julian.

The combination of skill 2 attack then ultimate and ending with skill 1 is still powerful enough to make Julian not move.


Hero Solo Rank Season 21 ML Chou

Chou is of course still a very effective hero in overcoming any types of heroes currently in Mobile Legends.

Durability, mobility, CC effect and great damage possessed by the hero can certainly hinder Julian in Mobile Legends.


new phoveus mobile legends mlbb hero
Source: UHD Wallpaper

One of the skills that is quite deadly from Julian is skill 2 belonging to the hero who moves quickly by doing blink towards the opponent while dealing great damage.

This is of course a gap that Phoveus can take advantage of to be able to finish off Julian even though it is not as effective as the previous 5 heroes.

So, that’s the line of heroes that are currently very effective in countering Julian in Mobile Legends. Interested in trying Spinners?

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