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These are the Best Free Fire / FF Rusher Characters

Free Fire is a battle royale game made by Garena which was released in 2022. In this game, of course, there are also several roles if we play squad. One of them is the role rusher, if we play the role, we have to choose the best FF character.

This will certainly be useful for us as rushers. The selection of characters that are suitable for us as role rushers will make us more effective in playing. Well, this time Dafunda Game will discuss some good characters for you to use as a role rusher.

Best Rusher Characters Free Fire / FF

1. Miguel

Best Rusher Ff
Miguel | Garena

The first character you can use is Miguel. He is a soldier who has proven leadership. His ability as a rusher can’t be doubted. Every time Miguel kills an enemy, you will get 20 EP.

The amount of EP will increase according to the level of Miguel. Therefore, Miguel is ready to be your spearhead in the face of various enemies that come your way.

2. Jota

Jota | Garena

The second is Jota or Joe Taslim. This character is the first Indonesian character in the FF game. Although relatively new, Jota already has qualified skills as a rusher in Free Fire.

Jota’s ability can be categorized as too overpowered, because when killing an opponent using a Shotgun or SMG. Jota will get an additional 25 HP. This skill has a cooldown of 5 seconds.

3. Hayato

Hayato | Garena

The third best FF rusher character is Hayato. He is included in this list because of his extraordinary abilities or skills. Very suitable for playing bars against enemies in the game.

The main skill of Hayato himself is that he can get armor of 7.5 percent every time his HP is reduced by 10 percent. The amount of armor obtained will increase according to the level of Hayato.

4. Kelly

Kelly | Garena

These four are Kelly, the only female character suitable for the great rushers of Free Fire. Kelly’s fast movement is his main lethal weapon. His passive skill is able to make him run fast and fast.

He himself is known as an athlete running since he was in high school. Therefore, no one can match his speed in running. The combination of your skills and Kelly’s speed will become a deadly weapon.

5. Joseph

Joseph | Garena

Lastly there is Joseph, a billionaire who is quite famous. Well, just like Kelly, Joseph’s mainstay weapon is speed. The speed level is said to be slightly above Kelly.

When your Joseph character has reached level 6, he can get a hefty additional movement speed of 20 percent. So what are you waiting for, immediately use Joseph as your favorite rusher.

So, those were some of the Best Free Fire / FF Rusher Characters that you can use in playing. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below.

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