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These are the 7 Best FF Katana Skins, which one do you have?

Free Fire (FF) has one of the famous melee weapons called the Katana. Yes, the katana is one of the melee weapons that are widely used by players. In its development, many Katana skins have been released by Garena.

Well, this time Dafunda Game will discuss the 7 best Free Fire katana skins. Want to know what the Katana skins are? So watch this discussion to the end.

7 Best FF Katana Skins

1. Katana Chrono Free Fire

Katana Chrono
Katana Chrono | Pinterest

The first katana skin to enter this list is the Crono Free Fire katana skin. This skin was released in December 2022, along with the Operation Chrono event. This katana has a cool purple color with chrono writing.

2. Katana Cobra Free Fire

Cobra said
Cobra Katana | Pinterest

Next is the FF katana skin which looks quite unique. This katana skin appears during the Cobra Free Fire event. What’s interesting about this katana is that it can display the effects of a dangerous Cobra strike.

The appearance itself is dominated by the yellow color on the blade and black on the handle.

3. Katana Swordsman Legend

Katana Swordsman Legend
Katana Swordsman Legend | Pinterest

Next there is a katana skin called Katana Swordsman Legends. The basic colors used for this skin are deep purple and gold, making it look very special. For those of you lovers of Katana weapons, you must have this cool and luxurious skin.

4. Clandestine Impulse Katana

Clandestine Impulse
Clandestine Impulse Katana | Pinterest

In the fourth list there is an FF katana skin called Katana Clandestine Impuls. This katana skin is included in one of the premium skins. Because it can only be obtained during Pre-Order in Season 20. What makes this skin interesting is the effect that can generate red electricity.

5. Katana Kendoka

Kendoka Katana
Kendoka Katana | Pinterest

For the fifth skin named Katana Kondoka. In getting this katana skin, you need to do Top Up Diamond. Why is this skin a must have for you? Because this skin has a fire effect and patterns all over the katana which are very cool.

6. Spirited Overseas Katana

Skin Katana Ff 2
Spirited Overseas Katana | Pinterest

Sixth, there is a skin with a very elegant appearance. This FF Katana skin is called Katana Spirited Overseas. Its appearance, which is dominated by yellow and gold, makes anyone who sees it want to have it.

7. Blood Moon Katana

Skin Katana Ff 1 1
Blood Moon Katana | Pinterest

In seventh place is a katana skin called Katana Blood Mon. Not inferior to other katana skins, it also looks very cool with a mix of colors and patterns that are quite interesting. Until now, many players are still eyeing the skin.

So, those are the 7 best FF katana skins that Dafunda Game can summarize. Don’t forget to continue to visit Dafunda or install the application on the Play Store so you don’t miss other interesting information about our Free Fire Tips.