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These are the 10 HPs that appeared for the first time in the world

Some of you may think that the development of the new mobile world began around the 90s. This is reasonable considering that in that era, the wave of popularity of cellphones for the general public was only heard through commercial advertisements when the era of TV and various other media was easily accessible to the public.

However, in reality, the world’s first freely available mobile phone was made around 1983. This proves that mobile phones were developed in the 80’s. In fact, it could be that product research was carried out a decade earlier.

In the early era of its emergence, HP was only used for telephone communication needs. Unlike today, cellphones have been equipped with more complete technology to support human needs, such as the iPhone series, Samsung Galaxy S, and various other sophisticated cellphones that are rich in features. Because it is called the era of smart phones.

Of course it will be interesting to discuss the early generations of mobile phones in the midst of the rise of smartphones. Junebe you will be amazed about the quality and capabilities of the cellphone. Therefore, just take a look at the following 10 series of the world’s first cellphones.

1. Motorola DynaTAC 8000X

This is the grandfather of today’s cell phones. Developed since 1973, Motorola only sold this first mobile phone in September 1983. This gadget comes with a large squared design weighing 1.1kg but is still comfortable to hold and comfortable when attached to the ear. There is an antenna to pick up the signal. The buttons that are presented are also large and clear so you can dial a phone number easily.

For features, this first cellphone is indeed equipped with very simple features. This Motorola phone can only store 30 phone numbers. This phone can only be used to make calls for 30 minutes with a long battery recharge time of 10 hours. Although very simple, this phone is the first step in the development of the next cellphone.

2. Motorola MicroTAC 9800X

Motorola MicroTAC 9800x

Motorola continued to develop mobile phones with the release of its second mobile phone, the Motorola MicroTAC 9800X in 1989. This gadget became the first mobile phone with a semi-flip design in the first 10 mobile phones in the world.

This design is Motorola’s solution to the weight and size of the previous HP. This phone only weighs 350 grams with the latest slimmer battery. The design of this phone makes it easier to store and carry around.

3. Orbitel 901

When you see this old phone, you might think this is just a landline. Even though this is the first cellphone in the world with GSM or Global System For Mobile Communications features. Unfortunately, considering the shape is quite large, this GSM phone is not so salable. Interestingly, the phone, which was released in 1992, can already be used to receive text messages. This is the beginning of the development of SMS.

4. Motorola International 3200

Motorola International 3200

In 1992, Motorola re-released mobile phones with the latest digital technology. This phone comes with an increasingly minimalist design so that it is more comfortable to hold. This Motorola cellphone design is expected to replace analog design and technology on old cellphones. D

This more compact design is possible because Motorola uses the new GSM technology. Cell phones can also be used to call more clearly and clearly.

Learning from previous gadgets, this GSM cellphone has increased features. Manufacturers add a large screen to make it easier for users to see phone numbers. In addition, the world’s first mobile phone can also be used to call for one hour with a battery charge time of five hours.

5. Nokia 1011

Nokia 1011

Seeing the mobile market that continues to grow and is in demand by the market, a Finnish brand, Nokia, also presents the first GSM mobile phone product to be produced and marketed to the masses. This Nokia cellphone comes with a minimalist and lightweight design so that it can be stored in a shirt pocket. This compact design later became the standard GSM mobile phone design in the 1990s.

Nokia’s first cellphone is also equipped with more complete features. One of them is the feature of sending text messages. This feature then brought the name Nokia into the ranks of the best-selling cellphone manufacturers on the market. This phone is also the beginning of Nokia developing a GSM cell phone empire and competing with other cellphone manufacturers who are still developing analog technology.

6. IBM Simon

In 1994, the manufacturer IBM in collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric presented the first mobile phone with a touch screen. IBM calls this design a Touchscreen PDA (personal digital assistant). Not only a different design, this touch screen phone is also equipped with a number of new features including being able to send and receive FAX, E-mails to other digital messages.

IBM also added a calendar feature, a calculator to an electronic notepad. Because of these features, the cellphone in the list of the first 10 cellphones in the world is included in the smartphone category. Unfortunately, the sale of this cellphone was quite short, only 6 months with total sales of 50 thousand units.

7. Hagenuk MT-2000

Hagenuk MT-2000 is the first cellphone in the world that features an internal antenna design. For information, since the era of the first cellphone was introduced, cellphone designs are generally equipped with antennas to capture signals more clearly. Danish manufacturer, Hagenuk, managed to implement a simpler antenna design through this phone.

Equipped with GSM technology, this gadget is also equipped with new button technology and is claimed to be softer and more responsive. Not only that, manufacturers also present additional simple games on this cellphone. Unfortunately, this phone is not able to compete with other GSM phones in the world cellphone market.

8. Motorola StarTAC

Motorola StarTAC

In 1996, Motorola presented a cellphone with an increasingly minimalist and iconic design. Motorola presents a small flip phone design that is easy to store and use. Manufacturers also add alarm features, phone books to send messages that are increasingly easy and interesting.

The popularity of GSM cellphones, which are the first 10 cellphones in the world, is increasing with a choice of attractive body colors, such as a rainbow color option. Its unique and small design also makes this cellphone a mandatory accessory when traveling.

9. Nokia 8110

Nokia also continues to develop its GSM cell phone line, by releasing a new cellphone with a design that at first glance curves like a banana. This curved design is believed by Nokia to make the phone comfortable when used for long calls. In addition, this cellphone is also equipped with a keypad cover that makes the buttons more protected and not easily depressed when taken on the go.

This cellphone is also Nokia’s first cellphone to use the latest quality LCD screen. This screen is claimed to be able to display SMS messages more clearly. Nokia also added smart SMS technology. This technology allows this Nokia phone to send and receive ringtones.

10. Nokia 9000 Communicator

Nokia 9000 CommunicatorSource: Wikimedia

Success with a number of its GSM phones, Nokia re-released its newest mobile phone which is claimed to be the first smartphone because it is equipped with mobile office features. In this cellphone, you can make phone calls, check e-mail, browse, send faxes and even type some documents. Although the features are abundant, the world’s first cellphone still uses a compact design.

Unfortunately, because of this ability, this Nokia cellphone has a weight that is not light at 397 grams. This weight is due to the fact that this phone has an Intel 24 MHz i386 CPU and 8GB of memory. In addition, there is a fairly wide LCD screen and a QWERTY keyboard.

Those are the first 10 cellphones in the world that became the beginning of the development of smartphones today. How? Unique shape isn’t it?