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These are the 10 Best Android Apps for Youtubers

It’s not just celebrities who need cool apps to produce good photos. The reason is, a Youtuber also needs several supporting applications so that the uploaded video looks more cool and attractive nice watched.

Well, to make a video that is unique, interesting, and creative on YouTube, you need the following 10 applications for Youtubers on Android. In this article, we are not only discussing applications for editing vlog videos or editing YouTube videos.

You also need other applications if you really want to be a successful YouTuber. About any application, huh? Hence, still stay tune in this article, yes.

1. YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio_

This official application from YouTube is a must have for those of you who want or are becoming a Youtuber.

In YouTube Studio, you can review video statistics, upload videos and their thumbnails with special customizations, schedule videos to be published, to respond to comments from subscribers and viewers on your YouTube channel.

This application has a user-friendly interface of course. So, through YouTube Studio, you can easily monitor the progress of your YouTube channel, anytime and anywhere. Download YouTube Studio here.

2. Thumbnail Maker – YT Banners

Thumbnail Maker - YT Banners_

Thumbnails are one of the important elements for a video uploaded on YouTube. It is through thumbnails that viewers are attracted to the video content that you create. Thumbnails themselves usually consist of a brief overview of the specific video content that you create.

To make video thumbnails, you need qualified skills in the field of graphic design and photography. However, you don’t need to worry because now there are thumbnail maker apps that you can try.

One of the YouTube thumbnail maker apps is Thumbnail Maker – YT Banners. This one application allows you to create cool video thumbnails with the design you want.

There are many fonts, backgrounds, and thumbnail templates that you can use in this Thumbnail Maker – YT Banners application.

You also don’t have to worry about creating thumbnails for videos with certain themes, because in this application there are already more than 10 categories of thumbnails to choose from. Thumbnails you create can be exported with high image quality and resolution.

3. vidIQ


vidIQ is an app for YouTubers on Android with features similar to YouTube Studio. In vidIQ, you can monitor the statistics of the most popular YouTube videos on your channel every day.

In addition to monitoring channel statistics, you can also easily publish videos on the YouTube channel that you run.

vidIQ can also be relied on to do research on the next video content that you will make. Yes, in this application, there is a keyword search engine that will help you to find new video content ideas with updated themes.

Reportedly, this application has been used by world YouTubers with a variety of different video content genres. Until now, vidIQ has reached more than 500,000 downloads on Google PlayStore.

4. Intro Maker – intro video outro

Intro Maker - intro video outro_

It’s incomplete if we don’t add an opening and closing section to the video we make, right?

Well, now you can easily make intros and outros for videos on your YouTube channel. You just need to download the Intro Maker – intro outro video app on Google PlayStore.

By relying solely on this app and your phone, YouTube video intros and outros can be created easily. You can create intros and outros for various video content of different genres. Starting from gaming, food, daily vlogs, and much more.

Intro Maker – intro outro video has many intro and outro video templates ready to use and customized as needed. You can also make intro and outro videos from scratch with this app. Try Intro Maker – intro outro video by downloading it here.

5. TubeBuddy


You can rely on TubeBuddy to monitor the entire YouTube channel. In this application, you can monitor the number of channel subscribers through a live count.

In addition, you can also start researching video content by looking for keywords that are trending and are in great demand by the audience.

The TubeBuddy application can also be used to monitor YouTube channel analytics, filter comments that are not relevant to the video, monitor suitable video tags, and much more. Interested in using this application? Download TubeBuddy by clicking this link.

6. My Movie

my movie_

You can use My Movie to edit videos that will be uploaded to your YouTube channel. This application has editing features that are fairly complete for a video editing application on Android.

Some of the features that you can use include basic video editing features, such as cutting, splitting, adding filters and effects, to putting video clips together. Of course, you can also add music and sound effects and customize it yourself.

In addition to the basic features, you can also enjoy the excellent features of My Movie. One of them is to add animation to the created video. Try My Movie by downloading it via this link.

7. VlogU


For those of you who often create daily vlog content on YouTube, try the VlogU application. In this application, you can use the available features to edit vlogs.

You can cut, split and add clips to the created vlog. In addition, you can add music, stickers, sound effects, transitions, to filters on the video.

If you want to add voice over to your vlog easily, you can rely on the VlogU app too.

The VlogU application can not only be used to edit videos that will be uploaded to the YouTube channel. You can also rely on the VlogU application to edit Instagram Story videos, you know. Try the VlogU app here.

8. FilmoraGo


The name FilmoraGo may already be familiar to you. Yes, this application is one of the most popular video editing applications on Android.

Not only can it be used by YouTubers with high flying hours, FilmoraGo can also be relied on by novice YouTubers, you know. This app comes with basic and pro video editing features.

There are many elements you can add to your YouTube videos with FilmoraGo. Some of them are music, sound effects, stickers, text, animation, and much more. The number of music and stickers in this application even reaches thousands, you know.

The FilmoraGo application can not only be used to edit YouTube videos, but also Instagram and TikTok which have different aspect ratios.

9. KineMaster


The KineMaster application is also no less popular, here. You can use KineMaster to edit YouTube videos easily and quickly.

In this application, there are already project/video templates that you can use. So all you have to do is add clips and other video elements. Of course, you can also create new projects with KineMaster.

The video editing features that the KineMaster application has are also quite complete, you know. Try the KineMaster application by downloading it here.

10. VivaVideo


VivaVideo application offers you many useful features. You can directly edit YouTube videos by adding cool effects, music, filters, and much more.

In this app, you can create quality, high resolution videos and export them for upload to YouTube easily.

The default features of the free application alone can support your editing needs, you know. Well, if you want to enjoy other excellent features of this app, you can use its pro version.

Well, that’s a variety of applications for Youtubers from applications on Android. Of all the applications above, which one is the most suitable application for Youtubers? Or, do you have any other app suggestions? Please share your opinion in the comments column yes!