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These 7 Bad Traits of Luffy Are Really Hated By Fans

Dafunda Otaku – We will discuss a little about the One Piece series, in the One Piece series it is told that there is a pirate named Monkey D. Luffy wants to achieve his goal of being the Pirate King, he goes through various obstacles and dangers with his friends. Even so, he also has bad qualities that his loyal fans don’t like.

Luffy is the main character of this series. On the way we are shown the action, silliness and stubbornness. but it turns out that luffy has a bad side that makes his fans hate him, so what are his bad qualities? let’s see below.

Luffy's bad character

Luffy is the most famous character in the world of One Piece. But behind all the cool words for him, there are some characteristics of Luffy that are not good to imitate and this is what makes Luffy’s character so different from the main characters in other anime and manga. Here are 7 bad qualities of Luffy that are not good to imitate.

1. Talking As It Is To Others

Kemuri ridicule to smoker

Luffy is a person who casually calls other people bad names, because he is too ‘honest’. He always looks at people’s physique and calls the person as honest as what Luffy sees. Like, ‘kemuri’ for Smoker, ‘onion head’ for moria, ‘peanut granny’ for nyon, ‘monster granny’ for Kokoro, and many more.

Sometimes people understand his words but some are offended by his words. Luffy has always been honest and innocent in his life, he even asked how Camie and Madam Shirley defecated innocently, without further ado.

2. He doesn’t want to follow his friends’ plans

don't want to follow other people's orders

making plans alone, and messing up the plans of his friends. He doesn’t want to follow any rules of the game that are revealed, for him the adventure is measured in terms of its tension, not by its plans. Don’t expect your plans to be followed by Luffy.

Luffy has his own thoughts, he’s the captain after all. So it’s up to him whether he wants to join or not, so the chopper thinks the captain’s principle is ‘the captain is always right and doesn’t want to listen to other people’s advice’.

3. Stubborn


What Ace hates about Luffy. He is reckless and stupid in his daily life. What Ace and Sabo thought was wrong, he still confirmed it. Luffy is stubborn and won’t budge. Ace and Sabo even got tired of fighting him duel while competing, even up to 100 duels Luffy still lost. But Luffy didn’t want to admit defeat.

He is also stubborn with his stance. This is closely related to his selfish nature. But because of this stubbornness, Luffy will never give up. Because of that, Luffy has managed to beat various strong enemies many times because he doesn’t want to lose, and has to win.

4. Likes to finish food on the ship

Out of Stock

Starting from the food problem, Luffy is the most wasteful. The food stock for the weekly food will surely disappear by Luffy in 1 minute if it’s not guarded by Sanji. And the ship’s money always runs out because they often buy food for him. Luffy’s food rations are super abnormal. He even once spent Nami’s money up to 100 million in one night just to buy party food without Nami’s permission.

5. Most like very dangerous challenges

clumsy luffy

Luffy really likes danger and challenge. For him it was entertainment. But sometimes he doesn’t think whether his crew will survive and agrees. Nami, Ussop and Chopper often cry loudly when they know Luffy wants to go in a dangerous direction while sailing. Instead of sailing over calm seas, he instead steers the ship into dangerous seas full of sea monsters, storms or lightning (which only Luffy likes).

6. Acting Recklessly

act recklessly

Luffy’s unchangeable nature. He nearly died many times in duels and in his daily actions. He is super careless, never understands the meaning of danger, and never understands what is called salvation. he fell into the sea many times in several duels. But strangely he rarely learns from experience. For Luffy, he will not die before winning. That was the reason he was never afraid of death.

7. Super Selfish

Luffy's super egotistical nature

This is one of the main characteristics of Luffy’s character. He is always selfish in his journey, what he wants he will definitely pursue regardless of what people say. He doesn’t even want to hear Ussop’s response when discussing the case Merry before. so he kicked Sanji to the ground, and all because of his emotions based on his selfish nature.

When Luffy has said “I want that”, then he will pursue the thing he wants regardless of the advice of his friends. Luffy is selfish but his selfish nature has 2 sides: a negative and a positive side. On the positive side, in the end CP9 lost and Luffy was able to save Robin. As for the negative side, he almost died many times when he wanted to do what he wanted without hearing other people’s opinions, such as riding flying fish riders and fighting with ussop.

Which Luffy Traits Do You Really Hate?

Luffy's Bad Traits That Fans Hate

Although Luffy is the main role and many rely on Luffy during the fight, Luffy also has a bad character. Which bad trait do you think you really hate? If you still have Luffy’s bad qualities but it’s not listed yet, you can tell them in the comments column, yes.