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These 5 Teams Are Eyeing Bigetron Red Aliens at PMGC 2022!

Bigetron Red Aliens Become the Target of these 5 teams at PMGC 2022!

PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2022 it’s almost playing time, which will be on the date November 24, 2022 The first day is about to start.

Players will collect as many points as possible in approximately 4 weeks, competing in League Days and Super Weekends.

There were 24 teams gathered, and were divided into 3 groups to compete, and one of them was a team from Indonesia, Bigetron Red Aliens.

Bigetron has been seen by many PUBG Mobile esports teams in the world, because it has won several international tournaments, making this team one of the most feared teams.

In an interview with another team from Indonesia who entered PMGC 2022, Aerowolf Limax, they are wary of the Bigetron team as competitors later.

Apparently, teams from other countries also made Bigetron Red Aliens their target in PMGC later, who are they?

The Team That Targeted Bigetron Red Aliens at PMGC 2022!

From the video uploaded by, regarding the announcement of the teams that will compete, there are several teams that provide information about the team they want to target later!

Some are eyeing Bigetron Red Aliens, and here are the five teams:

Power888 KPS


This name is certainly familiar to you fans of BTR Indonesia, because Power888 met at the PMPL Sea Finals yesterday.

Along with BTR, Power888 and 5 other teams from SEA managed to get a slot in PMGC, and it turns out that Indonesian aliens are the target of this tiger team from Thailand, you know!

Team Secret


Apart from Secret Jin, who became BTR RA’s new enemy at the SEA Finals yesterday, we also don’t forget Team Secret who almost failed to enter PMGC 2022.

Team Secret was not originally included in the PMGC, but because the slot was added, the team that was ranked 6th in the PMPL Sea Finals managed to get a slot, and wanted to avenge the defeat they got in PMPL yesterday.

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A1 Esports


PMPL South Asia’s 3rd place winner made BTR RA their target enemy, seeing from their extraordinary game.

The team from South Asia has played with players from other countries, including India, who had previously been enemies for Bigetron as well in PMWL East.



Godsent is a team from Europe that played in the EMEA League Finals, and managed to occupy the 3rd place, since being followed by Navi.

A game that has never been met before between SEA / Southeast Asian teams and European players, makes Team Godsent make teams from SEA their target.

Archer Gaming


The team that won the PUBG Mobile Street Challenge Korea is also eyeing Bigetron as the team they want to beat.

As we also know, players from Korea have their own version of PUBG Mobile that has never been met by teams in Southeast Asia.

Well, there are so many well-known teams from abroad who are targeting these Indonesian aliens, it seems Bigetron has to be careful, Spinners!

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