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These 5 Heroes Become Weak After the Mobile Legends Patch Update, Anyone?

These 5 Heroes Become Weak After the Mobile Legends Patch Update, Anyone?

The latest patch update for Mobile Legends has finally been officially released by Moonton into the game.

Of course, it contains many adjustments that will affect the strategy, one of which is buffs and nerfs against various heroes.

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Interestingly, the following series of heroes will become weak in the latest Mobile Legends patch update, which of course you must think twice about using this hero.

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Photo via Mocah Wallpaper

Although not getting a nerf in terms of damage, Cecilion is certain to be a pretty weak hero for now.

The reason is, he now gets a reduction in Base HP from the original 2516 to 2456 and a reduction in physical defense which is now only 18.

The nerf will certainly make Cecilion very easy to pick off in the Land of Dawn.


Mobile Legends Free Skin - Beatrix

It seems that Beatrix users have to stretch their chests a little because the sniper mode now won’t be as painful as before.

Renner Mode and Wesker Mode finally got quite a significant nerf so it was certain that Beatrix would have a hard time dominating the goldlane.


Wanwan mobile legends ml counter hero
Source: UHDWallpaper

Wanwan is the next hero after Beatrix who is certain to get quite a big nerf from Mobile Legends.

The reason is, now the hero will only have a bonus damage of 35% from the original 40%.

This of course will make Wanwan not become a hero who is too deadly like in the previous edition.


Photo via Mobile Legends

Valentina again gets nerf which this time will certainly make the hero really weak.

Extra EXP which was originally 15-50 is now only 8-50 and the cooldown increase of his 2 skills from the original 10 seconds has now become 12 seconds.

With this nerf, of course, players now have to think twice about using this hero.


Hero ML Barbarian Early Game
source :

One of the most annoying things about Lylia is the slow effect that the hero has.

Unfortunately, now he gets a nerf that will make him not have a slow effect as bad as before.

He himself gets a reduction in the slow effect from the original 40% now only to 30%.

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