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There's still hope, the Nintendo Switch version of Genshin Impact is still under development

For those of you Nintendo Switch users, it seems you shouldn’t give up hope just yet. Because the good news comes from games worldly gacha which is still widely discussed today.

Yes, we are talking about Genshin Impact. A open world games themed anime which was released in 2022, it was announced that it will be released for consoles hybrid Nintendo Switch.

Unfortunately, until now the news regarding the release of Genshin Impact for the Switch is still not visible.

From there, some fans speculated whether Genshin Impact would actually be released on Nintendo Switch or not?

Some people think that the Nintendo Switch machine may not be powerful enough to run games which was released in various platform this.

Not surprisingly, the development of Genshin Impact for Nintendo Switch may require “extra time” or extra time.

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Despite all that, news about the progress of the development of Genshin Impact for Switch has finally surfaced again.

Quote from Sportskeeda (09/05/2022), several tweets on Twitter reveal information about the progress of Genshin Impact on Nintendo Switch.