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There is a Level 2 Chest, Come on, Claim the Mobile Legends Redeem Code 2 June 2022!

There is a Level 2 Chest, Come on, Hurry and Claim the Mobile Legends Redeem Code 2 June 2022!

Entering June 2022, Mobile Legends interestingly has prepared various gifts for their loyal fans.

These prizes come in various redeem codes which of course can make you get gifts for free in the game.

Cheap MLBB Diamonds

Starting from Tournament Chest level 2, rare fragments, hero fragments, premium fragments to Magic Dust of course you can get for free.

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Mobile Legends Redeem Code 2 June 2022

Moonton itself has prepared 10 free redeem codes that you can exchange for various prizes that have been provided.

Without further ado, here are a series of special redeem codes for June 2, 2022 which of course have been proven works 100%.

  • nq7g3mkupjbu22fza
  • n2nrwoa9n
  • 1ztcqma9n
  • 4xu4c7w3cxt422fzb
  • my9sk3gkw4z822fz7
  • vtwbnh7zwquf22fz6
  • euu9pza9q
  • atwajcaa6
  • 6h7p7k359mty22ftw
  • h8c2fn8zw3tx22fu4

The redeem code above of course has a usage limit both in terms of time or the number of users so that if it fails to redeem it is certain that the code above has reached the usage limit.

How to Use Redeem Code

Redeem code ml 5 october 2020

To use the redeem code above, here are the steps you need to do:

  • Visit the official redeem website from Mobile Legends by clicking the link below:
  • Fill in the redeem code that has been obtained and your Mobile Legends ID to later get a number verification message in the in-game mail
  • Enter the verification code into the Code Verification tab
  • Click Redeem

By making sure to get various attractive prizes, of course, don’t miss to exchange the code, Spinners!

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