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There are only 2 Mobile Legends heroes whose CC skills cannot be canceled

Did you know that there are only 2 Mobile Legends heroes who have cc skills that cannot be canceled by anyone, who are the two heroes?

The crowd control or cc skill is the most feared skill for Mobile Legends players. Because with this skill a hero can control another hero’s body.

Either controlled by being stunned, taken away, made to fly and so on. Now, of all MLBB heroes, there are only 2 whose cc skills are difficult or even impossible to cancel, who are the two heroes?

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Mobile legends strongest tank hero
Photo via Twitter

First there is Franco, Franco’s cc skill that can’t be stopped is his 3rd skill. When you are hit by 3 Franco’s skill then you can’t stop it.

There is only 1 way to stop it, that is, tell your partner to give Franco a cc effect, so skill 3 will be cancelled.


Mobile legends strongest support hero
Photo via Pinterest

Unlike Franco, Kaja’s cc skill from skill 3 can’t be canceled at all. If you want to cc back the Kaja, you can’t cancel it either.

Kaja’s crowd control effect is truly the best, no one can stop it.

Those are the 2 Mobile Legends heroes with the most terrible crowd control effects among all heroes.

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