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The Worst Game Right Now, But It's Actually Good

The worst games – Game technology today is increasingly advanced, especially in the graphic aspect. Developers can now design a game with high graphic detail that can even resemble the original. Character design with polygons of up to billions can be achieved by today’s technological advances. However, sometimes the sophistication of this technology misses the most important thing in video games, namely the gameplay. Many games tend to advance the graphic aspect regardless of the slick gameplay. In our opinion, there is nothing wrong if a game has very realistic graphics, but because the title is a video game, it would be nice, the gameplay aspect should be prioritized.

If you look at the games that were released about two decades ago, to be precise the era of the PS1 (PSX) heyday, many games are said to have exciting story and gameplay aspects. However, when you see and play this game again today, of course these games have very shabby graphics. When the eye has adapted, we can’t ignore that today’s graphics technology is the new normal. On this occasion, we from Sobat Game will discuss the worst game even though it was the best game in the past. Curious about anything? Here’s a list of games that have outdated graphics but have very good aspects in them.

The Worst Game We Recommend To Play

1. The Worst Game: Minecraft

The Most Disorganized Game

This game is a famous game that has quite revolutionary gameplay. In fact, this game can be played by all ages. Starting from children to adults can play this game because the game is very simple, but fun. However, if you look at the graphics, this game does not have realistic graphics like the next gen games. Even so, this game is still the best dotted game that you should play.

2. The Worst Game: Final Fantasy VII

The Most Disorganized Game

The euphoria of Final Fantasy VII is still felt today because the remake version of the game was released last year. Even though the Final Fantasy VII game has been remake, the original version is still fun to play. For gamers who were born in the late 90s or early 2000s, they will think that the original Final Fantasy VII graphics are very bad. Of course, the Cloud is just that short.

3. Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

Millennial generation gamers definitely know this one game. This game is still played by many gamers to this day. This is because the gameplay offered is very interesting. How not in this game, you can become a farmer, develop your farm and ranch, and also marry the most attractive girl in town.

4. Charlie’s Angels

The Most Disorganized Game

Above we provide a list of games that are actually good, now for the fourth list and so on, we will instead provide a list of games that are actually bad, shabby, dotted, and whatever you call it. The fourth order for the most disorganized game this time is a game called Charlie’s Angels. This game is basically a game adapted from a movie. Lots of super games fail when adapted from movies. And this is one of them. Charlie’s Angels is the worst game ever. Stiff graphics, shabby gameplay, and also boring so that when you buy it you will be willing to break this DVD slab. For us, this game is really worth playing the pirated version. If you are super rich and want to do Jackass-style stunts, it’s up to you to buy the original version. But don’t forget, break it to pieces.

5. Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust
The Most Disorganized Game

For the salacious and obscene, do not be tempted by the theme carried by this game. Indeed, previous games that were released on PS2 sold quite well, but not for this version. The game which was released in 2009 was originally planned to be re-released in a form, but the intention was eventually withdrawn due to bad reviews given by many game reviewers.

6. Batman: Dark Tomorrow

The Most Disorganized Game

Junebe if you look at today’s Batman games, you will think that superhero theme games are still good. However, before the birth of the Batman Arkham series, superhero games had a very bleak fate. One of them is Batman: Dark Tomorrow. This worst game is not worth buying. But if you want to try a little and want to throw up for a while, go ahead.